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      Hi EH Members, i am new here..! I like to work as Ethical Hacker/Security Professionals(i know basics of Ethical hacking).

      Anyone know best CEH institute in Bangalore?

      Note: Please suggest me good institute which can offer good placement service for ethical hacking(I want job rather than the certificate).

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      Hi BreakThesec

      Welcome to EHnet  🙂

      Could you please provide some more details about yourself i.e the skill set you have, experience level etc. So that you can get more specific answer.

      There are a lot of CEH institutes in Bangalore, but from my personal experience they don’t worth the price. last time I checked(a year back) CEH training in Bangalore was around 25K INR but if you spare 6K INR more you can go for eCPPT or with 11K more you can go for OSCP, which in my opinion are far better courses with a high learning curve. Having CEH alone doesn’t land you in a job(which is same case with any beginner level certification).

      What certification you want to go for or what you want to learn, it entirely depends on what skill set you have, what you are interested in and what you are expecting.

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      I have finished B.E ,fresher.  i am searching for a job.  I am well in programming languages (also i have developed small pentesting app in java).

      I  have lot of interest in ethical hacking and Penetration testing.

      Which certification is worth to learn?( more jobs)

      How can i find the ethical hackers /pentesters job in net? (i searched , most of them are in abroad).

      Please answer me.  I am confused.

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      Hi BreakThesec,

      To work as Ethical hacker you need experience the best way to do that is set up your own lab if you can afford it do some certificates.

      If you are finding most of the pen testing jobs are abroad can you move abroad or does your government have any training or jobs for pen testing ?

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      Hi BreakThesec,

      As Jamie.R already pointed out, just having the certification doesn’t necessary mean that you will have the job immediately.
      Experience is the key word here. Of course, you will have to start from somewhere, but your main goal should not be which cert to have but how to gather enough experience and, if lucky, get a junior job in pentesting.

      Having an extensive knowledge of programming it’s a good start, but you will have to have a good understanding of many different technologies (operating systems, databases, web servers etc.) in order to be able to make your way to your target. Specializing on web applications security might be another path to take considering the programming knowledge you have.

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      thank u LK . I have basic knowledge about web server(worked with apache and tomcat ). I think i have enough knowledge about os also.  I’m also interested to learn more and more.

      I know certification alone not going to help me. But i like to know what certification companies expects from us.   
      For instance, some companies expects java certified persons.


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      I think one common requirement that you will find is that you are expected to be an expert in at least one area of networking. You need to have a very good grasp of data as it is supposed to work before you can learn to manipulate it and take advantage of its inherent qualities. I cannot offer you much advice on training in your area, but I can tell you that you need a very strong foundation before jumping into pentesting or ethical hacking.

      You would be better off at this time to let us help to determine where you are at technically so that you do not waste a lo t of money. These courses are not inexpensive and by the time you add in lab time or building your own lab, supplemental material it adds up really fast. We would hate to see you lose money or worse, get frustrated early in what can be a very rewarding career.

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