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      Im trying to test out how to find the bcc names on a email. I sent an email to my self from with names in the bcc list and im trying to see if i can now find out if i can some how get the names from the bcc field.

      Is this possible? if so, is it a dificult task or some what simple?



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      I don’t believe its possible, on the receiving end sorry. IMHO, you can only get it from the sending side.

      That data is literally stripped off, prior to the send to each of the recipients, on the outbound messages.

      Only other way (if you weren’t the sender) would be if you were the mail admin, and could see what messages were sent, etc.

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      I was going to reply with the same response as hayabusa – but interestingly enough Wikipedia suggests that some (probably older) systems can leak BCC information.

      In my experience though, typically if you’ve been BCC’d in on something, you can probably find out that you’re the BCC (and not the To) address, but you can’t find out who else has been sent the email, unless (as Hayabusa says) you’re the mail admin, or if you’ve set up a MiTM somewhere to capture all traffic.

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      dang, thats what i was thinking. gmail and hotmail have gotten smarter… sigh**

      well, i guess ill find something else to do now. haha.

      thanks for the replies. gonna work on my wifes business card and stuff. haha

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      Out of curiosity what is the reason you are trying to figure out the BCC field?

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Viewing 5 reply threads
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