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      Hi all,

      Haven’t been around for a while, its been a transition for me, leaving the military and now working on the civilian side. While my current duties are on the IT Support side, I have been offered a security position, that I expect to start in the next few months. In preperation for that, I ordered the ELS Student Course with 30 Days of Hera access. In order to force myself to move through it 😉 I’ll try to keep a review of the course.

      The First thing I will cover is why I am here, I have experience in these technologies, why the student course? Well, in addition to the above, programming has always been something i’ve had difficulty getting into. Scripting is not something I am familiar with so I didn’t have that to fall back on, and I am not strong with math in the least. So it was really comforting to see that there would be an introduction to programming, as well as some training on specific languages.

      So I bit the bullet yesterday and paid the 399USD for the student course. I started and my first impression is positive. It seems that It is well laid out, and the graphics are well laid out. The only comment on the presentation is that I would like to hear more audio. After the first few slides, so far it seems like very little audio interaction. There are different kinds of learners, and I think it could be worthwhile to have full video content for sections of the course, along with the slide decks.

      I’ve noticed one or two innacuracies/gramatical errors, so I’ve messaged Armando about resolving these, relativly small things so far, nothing that would affect your skills as a pentester. The only concern I have at this point is that there doesn’t appear to be centralized navigation, so if I exit the course, I may have to start all over? Not sure, I haven’t really attempted it. So thats a start to my review, i’ll keep you guys informed.

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      I checked and the course does move on from section to section automaticly (When you finish PTP, it will move to vuln assestment automaticly) but you can choose a section on the main menu when you enter your course.

      Don, If you read this, I got a server error when attempting to edit the above post. Don’t know if you are already aware.

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      I look forward to hearing more about this I am in the process of trying to determine my next class. I am like you and don’t necessarily like or have a firm grasp of scripting or programming. I twill be interesting to hear how you feel with that skill set after the class.

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      elearnsecurity will help you as newbie.
      However try securitytube python.I believe the course will brush your
      fear of programming.But order violent python now and practice without delay.As grammer errors rebuke it and stick to elearnsecurity
      method of teaching with examples and practice x 1000 times.
      Good luck.

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