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      Does anyone know exactly when they are launching their student level pentesting class, or indeed, have any information on what will be covered, how it compares to the PRO?

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      Have you emailed them (elearn) regarding this ?

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      Not yet, I tried the online chat, but I don’t think they have the correct link set.

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      @SephStorm – Informed Armando – eLearnSecurity. Hope to get an update from the team soon.

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      Thanks for the info, December is exactly when I plan to start my studies. Looks like a good course.

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      @Armando wrote:

      Hello all,
      Thanks for your interest in our new upcoming course.

      While we do not have a solid release date, it should be slated for November or December at worst.

      Something you might be interested to know:

      • It will cover all the basics required to enter the Ethical Hacking/Pentesting field in Network and Application Security
      • It will include video and flash based training as well as self assessment quizzes, customized learning path
      • It aims at not just teaching hacking but introducing the student to the world of security. (Cannot say more about this)
      • It will include practical lab based training

      Differences with the PRO are:

      • It is for students with 0 to 2 years experience in the pentesting field
      • It will be a bit less detailed than PRO and will contain a relatively smaller syllabus in terms of techniques covered but a number of precious advices and pointers to enter the industry that you wouldn’t find in PRO
      • This course will not come with certification attached unlike the PRO
      • This course will ship a small live lab for students to practice their attacking skills for the first time

      As a last note I can assure it will bring an incredible value for the lowest price in the industry.

      We plan to start a pre-release mailing list that will entitle you all to get the course for a discount and know more information.

      We will post an announcement in this forum and on Twitter @elearnsecurity

      Thanks again for your interest

      Will this course be a gateway to the PRO course? Will I have acquired enough knowledge from this one to move onto the PRO course? Mind you, I have very little security experience so I want to find out if these 2 courses combined would be a good foundation for entering into the security world.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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