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      So all of this afternoon i’ve been getting alerts from MSE and Bitdefender that it is detecting the EICAR test virus on my PC (In C:WindowsTEMP). Now, I am familiar with EICAR, but there is no reason it would be on this PC.Is anyone aware of any attacks or malware that masquerades as EICAR? I ask because it is continuously detected, with no action from me, i.e now browsers opened or any such thing. I may disconnect from the internet to see if it is still being affected…

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      Nothing I am aware of, at most it would be a distraction to confuse IR folks.  Do you have a sample of the file?  Maybe a some file just happens to have the string in it that makes AV recognize EICAR.

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      not yet, if I get another alert, i’ll see if I can nab a copy.

      Looks unlikely i’ll be able to do so. I set MSE to alert and restored the file, but its not there when i look. This is absolutely crazy, i’m considering wiping the box.

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      I don’t suppose the machine in question is joined to a corporate network?

      Occationally I.T depts will use domain credentials to put EICAR on all domain connected machine to test the A/V.

      So for example – group policy pushes out the EICAR – A/V detects it, and the I.T dept corrolate the A/V results against the Domain Computers list to determine which machines either don’t have A/V on them, or it isn’t working well enough.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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