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      Hey Don,

      I really hope I have not overlooked it, but how about an IRC channel for EH-Net?  I know I was really into IRC back in the 90’s, then phased out of it, now coming full circle in how much I use it.  It seems EH-Net has a pretty good group of people that would make for a great channel and a place to freely chat. 


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      Actually just found this old thread . .,com_smf/Itemid,54/topic,1610.msg6084/#msg6084

      Anything come of it?

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      Nope, never really took off. A few of us played in it for a while, but not enough to make it work.

      actually there was a newer thread than that one.,com_smf/Itemid,54/topic,4444.0/

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      I think the issue is that the locals sit at home learning all this type of material, soaking it in, hammering away on code late at night..

      and no one to talk to about it, if only walls could talk.

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      Clay Briggs

      Last I heard… there was a silc channel floating around some members like.  That was a few Defcons back though.

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      Why not just do like offsec, exploitdb, backtrack-linux, corelan and metasploit? Create a #ethicalhacker channel on freenode! It takes 1-2 seconds to do if you’re already joined to the IRC server and yes, freenode supports SSL.

      There’s a lot of professionals on that network, even some of the best and even though many just idles including me, occasionally we’re around and some are more than willing to help if it’s within their knowledge area and if they desire to do so.

      I think an IRC channel on Freenode will be more successful than a SILC channel, but also because there’s already a lot of people on this network and it’s also where most people are within the ethical hacking area.

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      I would tend to agree with the Freenode suggestion. That’s usually where I hang out.

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      Ok, less talk, more do.

      I’ve started a channel on freenode called #EHN

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      missing don in irc  :'(

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      Don Donzal

      Sorry all.

      Guess my feeling is that in a chat, the conversation is not saved for all to continue learning from it long after it has ended. A forum is better for that. I have the same response to all of the questions I get (and there’s a lot) through a PM right here. I kindly ask that they ask the same question in the forums, so that others can learn from not only their question and my answer but also from the answers and interactions of many others.

      I’m all for chatting for things like OffSec as one is going through a course and exam. This way they can get help immediately when facing a deadline.

      On a personal note, I know myself. Between family and running this site, time is a premium. So I might poke my head in there every now and then, but I just won’t be hangin’ out in the channel.

      I appreciate all of you wanting to extend what members do here on EH-Net and encourage you to keep up the communication. More speech is always better than less.

      Hope that helps shed a little light,

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      I see IRC more of a way to just socialize and blow off steam. Like a virtual bar. Decent people, because it seems the not so decent don’t stick around here long. People that know what go with computer security, even if the focus is PenTesting. 🙂

      It also is a place to be just noise. Doesn’t last (unless someone keeps logs…  ::) ), and we can do silly things like wish each other happy birthday and the like without filling the forum with kruft.

      Time is tight. I usually have a shell window open to a box at home running screen and irssi. Actually works pretty good. SSH in when I want to, load screen and there is irc. I keep it open in the background.

      I guess it really just depends on how you look at it.

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      A virtual bar, I’m thinking the same chrisj  😉

      I also joined the channel, just for fun though I’m mostly just idling there, but I’m there hehe  🙂

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