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    I am planning to take my CEH test soon and looking ahead I would like to tackle ECSA next. Any place to buy used ECSA materials, such as the books?


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    Not that I know off, and I think selling material is not allowed on here. If you looking for books its only going to be the normal places you will find books amazon or ebay.

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    When I did ECSA I just referred to the curriculum (only the first ten modules will be relevant for the exam) and did self-study. The exam isn’t very difficult, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem to pass without the official courseware.

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    Consider the EC-Council Press series of books as an alternative:

    They also have these available for CEH, CHFI, and ENSA.

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    Just make sure you read the reviews:

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    Wow, that’s pretty surprising. I have the CEH set and would definitely recommend it as an alternative to the courseware. I don’t think it had any of those issues, was far cheaper, and significantly cut down on the material – covering just what you would need for the exam. Maybe I need to go take a second look at it to be sure but I remember being impressed with the content and happy with the proper editing.

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    It is certainly possible that the reviewer was referring to an older version of the books, I remember these were released back in 2009 or around there if i’m not mistaken. I would have been interested in reviewing a copy of the ENSA books, but these things are nearly impossible to find offline. It would be nice if ECC would let us review them…

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    I…saw a copy of the perimeter defense book from the ENSA series… the copyright is from 2011,  I’ll say… its not the material I would use so far, but i’ll need to continue reviewing it. i’m not liking how the author cant seem to decide whether he wants to discuss physical security or network security…

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