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    Along with the CEH v6 comes a new version of the ECSA/LPT.

    ECSA/LPT v4 Course Outline contains 47 modules


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    hey am giving ECSA v4 exam in a week’s time………….anyone has given the same recently? pls share the list of questions etc…

    -Mohit Batra

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    ECSA and CEH are pretty similar. If you studied properly for CEH (used the tools and became familiar with the output) then you should be ok.

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    Hi all,

    I was studied CEHv5 AT home with vmware lab, and i got it successfully.  ;D

    Now, i wanna buy the last training kit of last version of ECSA.  🙁

    Please, how can i buy it ? and what is the name of book for preparing ECSA certification.  ???


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    There is no book for ECSA like there is a review guide for CEH. The only available option is the official courseware. I would suggest getting it from your local distributor as it will be cheaper, otherwise you can buy directly from EC-Council here:


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    Unfortunately, no one has yet done this training in Morocco.  🙁

    For CEH, we are just 4 persons who are certified in Morocco.

    I thank you for your reply. I will try and see a country neighbor, may be France.  :-

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    From the order page you provided bill, I notice that there are only two options for purchasing ECSA.

    ECSA v3 and a european market only ECSA v4.

    Does that mean that v4 is only released for europe?

    I don’t live in europe. If I book an exam with vue which version will I be tested on?

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    That’s a good question. The EC-Council exam page shows v3, but the course outline shows v4. I will check into this and let you know.

    You may have to go through a distributor – which was Element K Courseware before. They may still be selling the courseware materials.

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    I had a look at the course materials options on your link because I was just curious.

    As per my “Passed CEH v6” thread I picked up that deal on course materials.
    The seal on the box was clearly marked as ECSA/LPT v3. So I ended up getting a v3 box. I can’t see how I could of got the v4 stuff without being in europe cause my box came from an ATC.

    Box came with a Prometric voucher. Tried to use it via but doesn’t offer 412-79 and when I tried to book an EC0-479 exam I just kept getting an error page after choosing a date/time.

    Logging onto the Prometric Prime website next and trying to book an exam. It clearly states that it is the v4 exam for the ECSA.

    Well I think I’ve answered my own question…

    Now to find out the differences….

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    @BillV wrote:

    ECSA and CEH are pretty similar. If you studied properly for CEH (used the tools and became familiar with the output) then you should be ok.

    Good to know, then I may have my next cert target. 🙂

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     bobby digital 

    Can anyone identify which book from the official courseware covers the first 10 modules of the ECSA exam?

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    Well this thread is over 4 years old and talks about a different version.

    I do not have the most recent version of the courseware but it was the first 2 books in the version I have.

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