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    I’m looking in to taking the self study road to getting myself ECSA/LPT certified, but i’m a little lost: i already figured out that you need to pass the ECSA exam to become ecsa certified, and if you want to obtain LPT you need to submit your certifications of both CEH and ECSA. This is all there is to it, no exam whatsoever, which is a little odd if you ask me.

    Now i was wondering about the following: The ECSA/LPT course consists of 47 modules, where the first 11 are ECSA, the rest are LPT. Is the exam based on the frist 11 modules, or are all modules part of the exam?

    it will probably be a while before i am going to take the exam, but expect a little review when i do…

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    The ECSA exam only covers modules 1-10.

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    hmm, that is what i thought, but some research got me the following information:

    The Exam 412-79 tests ECSA/LPT candidates on the following 35 domains.

       Module 1: The Need for Security Analysis
       Module 2: Advanced Googling
       Module 3: TCP/IP Packet Analysis
       Module 4: Advanced Sniffing Techniques
       Module 5: Vulnerability Analysis with Nessus
       Module 6: Advanced Wireless Testing
       Module 7: Designing a DMZ
       Module 8: Snort Analysis
       Module 9: Log Analysis
       Module 10: Advanced Exploits and Tools
       Module 11: Penetration Testing Methodologies
       Module 12: Customers and Legal Agreements
       Module 13: Penetration Testing Planning and Scheduling
       Module 14: Pre Penetration Testing Checklist
       Module 15: Information Gathering
       Module 16: Vulnerability Analysis
       Module 17: External Penetration Testing
       Module 18: Internal Network Penetration Testing
       Module 19: Router Penetration Testing
       Module 20: Firewall Penetration Testing
       Module 21: IDS Penetration Testing
       Module 22: Wireless Network Penetration Testing
       Module 23: Denial of Service Penetration Testing
       Module 24: Password Cracking Penetration Testing
       Module 25: Social Engineering Penetration Testing
       Module 26: Stolen Laptop Penetration Testing
       Module 27: Application Penetration Testing
       Module 28: Physical Security Penetration Testing
       Module 29: Database Penetration testing
       Module 30: VoIP Penetration Testing
       Module 31: VPN Penetration Testing
       Module 32: Penetration Testing Report Analysis
       Module 33: Penetration Testing Report and Documentation Writing
       Module 34: Penetration Testing Deliverables and Conclusion
       Module 35: Ethics of a Licensed Penetration Tester

    which seems quite a lot for “just” 50 questions, that is less then 1 per module!

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    I did ECSA a couple of months ago myself, so I’m quite sure it’s only the first ten ones. 😉

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    Seconded. The exam only covers the first ten modules.

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    Thanks guys, i’m already through half the course, so i will finish up first and start focussing on the first ten modules.

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    which book, what material you using?

    I will take the exam early of April.


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    He’s referencing the official courseware material.

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