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      I came across the ECIH certification on another board and thought I would bring it here to share/discuss.  Especially since we have BillV here. 🙂  Apparently it is a two day course on IH, with the certification given at the end, ECIH 312-89.

      Here is the course outline (  It looks like a lot of information for two days.  The IH process is now, 17 steps.  (the first step is always admitting you have a problem).

      I was concerned at first that they would just focus on the framework without going into the real world application.  Looks interesting, but I’m still concerned about the whole two day thing and lack for additional materials.

      I have not been able to find any additional information such as official books, course ware, Preplogic material, or even training classes.

      Talk amongst yourselves.

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      This is from a contact with EC Council

      We have not released the training material for this course yet.  We only have the courseware available at this time.  Live classes or I-class training will not be available until later in the year and iLearn videos may take a little more time to develop.  I will try to keep you updated on any updates on the training.

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      Yeah, I also stumbled upon this sometime last summer/fall. I noticed that it was listed as a class at Hacker Halted this past September. I’m not sure whether they did run the course or not – I wasn’t able to make it to the conference due to house selling issues.

      There are a handful of things happening with EC-Council right now. A lot of changes and many new launches. Their website was updated, for those who haven’t visited, and they have created some additional spin-off sites such as Hacker Journals and the CEH Blog site as well as a couple of new certification tracks in addition to the ECIH (CESS – Certified EC-Council Sales Specialist, ECSS – EC-Council Certified Security Specialist, ECSO – EC-Council Certified Security Officer).

      There was supposed to be a meeting this week but it has been postponed (for next week hopefully). I’ll certainly pass along whatever information I can 🙂

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      Thanks Bill, much appreciated. 🙂

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