Ease Me Into Cryptography Part 1: Buzzwords and Hash Function

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      Ellie Daw

      EH-Net - Daw - Ease Me Into Cryptography Part 1 - 1 Bite at a TimeYou know what it’s like being in security, and someone asks you what you do. Now imagine the responses when I tell people I do cryptography. And it’s not just outsiders. Even within a techie crowd, common responses range from “Ooof, that sounds complicated” to “I wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot stick”. I usually laugh and assure people that, although it can be complex, the complexity is surmountable. Even my reassuring comments are met with disbelief and the persistence of a feeling of intimidation by the topic of cryptography. I would love nothing more than for my words to be met with intrigue rather than hesitation. So I’m here to prove to you that crypto is tackle-able, and you can be the one to tackle it.

      Cryptography is no longer a convenient addition. It is becoming more and more of a necessity for security and privacy. Organizations and consumers are demanding it. So, if you must learn it eventually, why not start now and why not learn the easy way. I fully admit that cryptography sounds intimidating, especially when it comes to adding it into your code. However, I firmly believe that the intimidation is solely because it is in an unfamiliar context. If the concepts can be broken down into bite-sized pieces, then our brains can more easily consume the crypto elephant. “Ease Me Into Cryptography”, a series of introductory articles for InfoSec professionals, will do just that.

      [See the full article at: Ease Me Into Cryptography Part 1: Buzzwords and Hash Function]

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      I enjoyed your article very much. I can relate to your comments on the responses you get to working in Cryptography, and you eased my way though Cryptography with the grace of a Pro. There are many components of cryptography that the average user needs to become familiar with to maintain integrity and system security in general, and techies need to know this as well.
      From a ethical hacker in training perspective, some of the conversions used in cryptography can get you though CTF challenges.
      Personally, the process driven randomness of cryptography, from XOR to s-box and so many other factors, is amazing to me, and I hope you can address some of these issues in your future articles as well as you addressed collisions in this article.

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