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      Don Donzal

      I’m a sucker for these types of documentaries. Catch this one on the Science Channel.

      Download: The True Story of the Internet is about a revolution — the technological, cultural, commercial and social revolution that has radically changed our lives.

      And for the first time on television, we hear how it happened from the men and women who made it possible.

      From the founders of eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, Netscape, Google and many others, we hear amazing stories of how, in ten short years, the Internet took over our lives. These extraordinary men and women tell us how they went from being geeky, computer obsessed nerds to being 21st-century visionaries in the time it takes most people to get their first promotion. And, how they made untold billions along the way.

      The style of the story-telling is up close and personal. With first-hand testimony from the people that matter, we tell a story that has all the excitement of a thriller — full of battles and back-stabbing, moments of genius and moments of sheer hilarity. You will never surf the net in the same way again.

      Download is hosted by technology journalist John Heileman (above, right). He’s an edgy, combative, hi-energy New Yorker who never takes anything at face value. He’s also a personal friend of most of Silicon Valley’s most important characters and he revels in craziness of it all. After all, this is a story in which 20-year-olds become overnight billionaires, create, destroy and re-create more wealth in ten years then human race has ever seen, and still struggle to get a date.

      Be sure to catch Download: The True Story of the Internet, premiering Monday, March 3 at 8p.m. e/p!


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      Sounds cool! I will DVR this so I can watch it when time permits.


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      True story of the internet? Al Gore invented it  and end of story!  Actually looking at those pics of Bill gates and Steve Jobs aging made me feel only one thing.  DONT GROW OLD, LOL!    Did Jobs turn from an incorrect looking hippy to an evil looking vampire in later years?  Guess you cant hide the evil within forever, lol! Just kidding, hey I love macs.

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      sounded like this could have been interesting if it was done right. Being the wrong side of the pond to see this, did anyone catch it and is it worth trying to get a hold of?

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      Don Donzal

      So far (and I have no idea if there are going to be more) there are 4 episodes:

      1. Browser Wars – This is the story of an epic battle between America’s mightiest corporation and a small group of “computer geeks” who created a revolutionary technology.

      2. Search – In a few short years a new and unique way of finding information revolutionized the Web and in the process created one of the largest companies in the US; Google.

      3. Bubble – In an astonishing journalistic coup, the founders of the Amazon and Ebay, Jeff Bezos and Pierre Omidyar, tell the story of how their business grew from nothing to dominate the global economy and profoundly change the way we live our lives.

      4. People Power – This is the story of how the internet has changed society and how a new breed of entrepreneurs are shaping our digital futures. It all started with Napster; a way of swapping music that was dreamt up by the teenaged Shawn Fanning.

      I have them all DVRed, but have only seen the first 2. They’re fun to watch and almost inspirational for those entrepreneurs at heart like me. But keep in mind that you clearly can’t include everything and everyone in only 60 minutes. Living through pretty much everything included in this series and even having my own story of “almost” being a millionaire in the dot com era, it’s always fun to look back.

      As for the host, John Heileman, it’s a little hard to watch him on screen, because he bounces around a lot. But overlooking that small gripe, he clearly has passion for the topic and is a good person to tell the story since he not only lived the scene by personally having contact with most of the players but he also wrote about it all for Wired Magazine.

      Bottom line… watch them if you can.


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