DOnt know which field i am procedding to..?

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      Hello guys this is my first post in the forum ,

      I am very much interested in network security since my school days and as of now in my college i have worked on building my own encryption cipher .

      But the point is i really dont know on which way to proceed ?
      I mean network security is a very vast field.
      I do have programming experiences on C/C++ , but i am looking for a field which is very adventurous and dynamic , well by dynamic i mean is that it must involve me every time not like programming , that once u build the code the job is done (of course u have operation and maintainence , but sounds boring to me )

      Is there any particular field in network security which meets my requirements ?

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      Don Donzal

      Welcome to EH-Net. If it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone. Many ask the same questions. Take a look at the pinned topics in the Network Pen testing Board as a good starting place. Also, use the forum’s search feature to look for previous discussions on which programming language our members prefer and why. All good stuff.

      But the best way to get your answers is to jump right into a group of like-minded people. Luckily… you just found it.  ;D

      Here’s to continued participation and a successful career journey,

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      Welcome rahulr,

      Having a programming experience in C and C++ will go a long way towards understanding what’s happening in the background.  Like Don already indicated, Networking knowledge is also key. 

      Pen Testing can definitely be a sexy and exciting career path.  However, it will have it’s boring and monotonous parts just like any job.  You will have to deal with office politics, just like anything else.  Another interesting area is Research, involving your coding background. 

      You really have to try your hands at a bunch of different things until you find the one you love.  I suppose it’s a bit like dating 😉  College is the perfect place for both. 

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      Well to be a little specific . the work which i am interested in is like the scenario below:

      its like a company has some confidential data n stuff to be secured n all and i am the guy who tell them how and wat all resources to use to secure your data and keep it upto date , stuff like these n if someone tries to crack into the system , it would be kinda my job to prevent those  .

      Firstly thanks for your patience.
      Secondly its just that i am not aware of the right technical word describing it , i would be glad if u could help me out.

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      Have you thought about reesearching and developing a career focused on Cyber Warfare and Cyber Terrorism. i hear the US Defense forces are moving to have their own cyber operations units in the future it could be an interesting stepping stone

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      Well for one thing i am sure , my field must be more like research field since i love to learn new everyday . i dont confine myself to network security or computer science for that matter , i also play guitar design wallpapers n stuff.. But for some reason i am mesmerized by this adventurous field especially when i watch movies like DIE HARD 4 or SWORDFISH , these things are awesome , its only out of curiosity i want to know .

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