DoDI 8500.2 and DISA STIG

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      Michael J. Conway

      Are any of you familiar with the DISA STIGs?  I am working on a development project and am having issues with report services on a STIG compliant box.  Any advice would be helpful.

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      Ugh, I’ve been going through stupid checklists all this week and last to prepare for some stupid cyber readiness review 🙁 Which one are you working through? Or feel free to shoot me a pm if you want

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      Hi, I want to be right up front and let you know that I work for this company, TCS, which builds the product that I’m about to discuss.  Please just take this as information to look into and not as a sales pitch.

      Security Blanket is a product that automatically configures Linux and Solaris 10 systems to meet DISA STIGs (and a bunch more government and industry guidelines).  The technical Blog is and if you need to get a free full trial, send me an email at  Good luck

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      Could’ve helped you, but then our Contract got cut… :'(

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      Michael J. Conway

      Well, I don’t remember what my issue was but I think it got solved. Anyway, here is a belated thanks for the responses.

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      Karen Blake

      Very nice.

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