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      Howdy people  ;D

      I could potentially be working for a big named investment bank as an IT Assistant Manager, with a mapped out path of becoming the IT Manager. 

      Now my concern is that I aspire to become a Pen Tester and although this is a superb opportunity, invaluable experience will be gained, progression likely.. Will this be the right move….

      Do you feel its likely for an IT Manager working in the banking sector to enter into a Pen Testing role. 

      There is a long journey ahead.  My thoughs are if i get this role after a while i can progress into a more technical role, or perhaps apply for a different bank in a more technical role.  I think i want to give management a go at some point, but not such an early stage in my life.  Basically i want to know your opinions on if this would be a mistake.

      I think i can gain a lot from this role and beleive it is something i will enjoy muchly, but if its going to potentially hinder my likely hood of securing a Pen Test role i think i will leave it be. ???

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      Every production network is a critical one , however I consider banks to be more critical since they operate on large scale with lot of policies and offcourse huge investment . In my area you cant get a management position in a big bank or a multinational bank , they need good degrees , experience along with working knowledge of banks infrastructure and banks experience .

      My point is that if you accept that IT Asst. Manager role in that bank you could open up doors for yourself into another sector but this time banks . These kinds of sector along with Oil and Gas and Pharmaceutical pays a lot .

      When it comes to pen testing I could add that there are certain level of this work .

      Q) Do you want to work as a consultant doing pen test for organizations ?
      A) Certainly you cant do that since you will need to instruct the officers to clean up the mess and do other things , and instructing people what to work and how to work is not an easy task especially if you are dealing with disgruntled employees . This leads to a lot of frustration several times .

      Q) Do you want to be a hobbyist ?
      A) Yes, you can … you can enroll for great online courses available through various organizations and test these stuff in your own network , which would off course sharpen your skills when it comes to security .

      Q) If I decline this offer , would I get a pen testing job ?
      A) After several companies came up with a lot of real time courses there are a bunch of young people having good knowledge in that area so the competition might be tough in your area .
      NOTE: These young guys dont have good experience which is required to work on real world . They just can be good at certain points .

      There can be other lot of questions you would like to ask yourself before taking a step . I cant give you a personal opinion since I dont know whats your background , years of experience , age , degrees etc.

      I hope this helps

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      Hello delusion,

      Having experience in a major company, working with a diverse range of people, systems and requirements is a dream run. You’ll get to make plenty of contacts and have actual experience of critical financial systems – both the good and the bad.

      Unless you see yourself a back office guy that never interacts with clients, customers or normal human beings, I’d be jumping at the opportunity. Having a broad range of skills and knowledge, from technical to business operations, is going to be a huge plus to your experience and understanding.

      Progressing your technical skills and abilities is a matter of time and focus, which you can create a personal timeline and roadmap for. I’d assume you’d have access to the bank’s security team, plus a decent training budget. If it’s a good sec team, they want to have folks from other IT teams working with them. If they see real promise in you, career paths can easily be re-directed.

      I’d suggest if you did jump from being an IT manager for a large firm to a pen-tester, a large number of clients would find that pretty reassuring as the experience and understanding you’d be bring in.

      Summing up – go for it! :- )

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