Delta Phone Number for Special offers on Air Ticket Booking

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      Delta Phone Number for Special offers on Air Ticket Booking

      In this article, you will find special offers for Delta air tickets around the world, as well as information about promotions and discounts of airlines. We draw your attention to the fact that, as a rule, the number of flight tickets and the duration of promotions is limited.

      To search for special offers in certain directions, and parameters, contact

        Delta Phone Number

      , 1(800) 348-5370.

      Discounts on air ticket booking

      Everyone loves discounts. Sometimes you can guess the time of discount sales and fly to the ends of the world for almost nothing.

      How can you buy discounted flight tickets and save money?

      Discounts on flights

      The easiest way to get an impressive discount on flights is by booking early. Depth of booking (the maximum period before departure, for which you can book a flight) can be up to 360 days. With such air ticket booking, you can count on a discount. Its value differs depending on the chosen airline, but sometimes you can buy a ticket for almost half the price.

      The second reliable way to get tickets at discounts is to fly round-trips with the same airline. For “loyalty to the brand”, the airline lowers the price of an air ticket.

      How to find out if there are discounts on flights?

      Sometimes airlines offer air ticket booking sales, promotions, and special offers. Most often, they are timed to coincide with the holidays, for example, for the New Year (Christmas) holidays. The size of the discount and the conditions for obtaining it are set by each airline independently.

      Delta Air Lines operates a loyalty programs – various club cards that accumulate bonuses or miles that can be exchanged for a ticket. They are credited every time you fly. The number of miles mostly depend on the distance you have traveled or the amount of money spent on the ticket.

      Sky Miles offers are beneficial for those who fly often. The accumulated miles can be enough for both international and domestic flights – it all depends on the conditions of crediting and the number of miles on the card. Under such programs, you can get flight tickets at a discount, or pay with points (extra bonuses and miles) for the entire flight. The terms and conditions can be found on the Delta Air Line official website @

      Additional discounts

      What other discounts on

        air ticket booking

      can I get? Delta Air Lines provide senior citizen discounts – sometimes up to 40% of the airfare.

      Another way to get a discount from an airline is to make organized, group flights. A group is considered to be 10 or more travelers buying air tickets. Discounts are small, but it’s still better than none.

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