De-ICE S1.120a tutorial issue

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      Hi there !

      I am new in pentesting and I am currently practicing through the DE-ICE tutorials which can be found here:,2/

      As you may know, there are different exercices with different levels.

      The last I did it is the De-ICE: S1.120 (‘A’)
      I won’t spoil it, but I did it one time, and two days after I tried it again. The thing is any of the passwords worked as they did the day before when I use the SSH command.

      Is there someone who could explain me what it is happening ?

      Many thanks in advance,


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      For those who might be interested, I finally found the solution to my issue:

      sqlmap creates a /output/ folder in which it writes in txt files the results of the outputs.
      The second thing to know, each time you run your VM with the De-ICE S1.120a image new passwords are processed 🙂

      So you understood what happened, the second time I ran the excercice new passwords have been created, but sqlmap used the results found in its cache file from the previous session 😀

      Thanks for reading me,


Viewing 1 reply thread
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