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     The New LT72884 

    I am in need of some help with vmplayer and de-ice lvl 1 disks.

    I have vmplayer setup with BT5 and de-ice 1.100. Every thing is working fine. I can connect to the webpage, i can nmap the target. Now where the issue is is with de-ice 1.110. i can nmap and see open ports just fine, port 80 is open but for the life of me, no OS can connect to the simple web page that is on the de-ice challenge. i googled and watched a youtube video to see if i was crazy about trying to connect to a web page. however, it seems that every video i watch, they just type the ip in a browser and off it goes to a site. mine does not.

    remember i can nmap and see the open ports so i know that the image must be at least partially working.


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     The New LT72884 

    Yeah i dont htink the image is working correctly. i tried the following command and nothing ever happened

    ncat 80

    nothing happens no info so i try

    ncat 80
    OPTIONS / HTTP/1.0

    nothing happns

    ncat 21

    displays vsFTPd(2.0.4)

    i know the ncat option for port 80 is supposed to display somehting but its not, haha. so i think the image may be bad?

    any suggestions?


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    What is your De-Ice 1.110 Virtual machine guest operating system set to?

    If it’s not “Other Linux 2.6.x kernel” try changing it to that.

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     The New LT72884 

    I have double checked that and made sure that it is set to the “other linux 2.6.x kernel” I have also watched a small amount of the how to video to make sure im not crazy. I will continue to work on this issue.

    thanks much for your help 🙂

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