CTF365 – Capture The Flag Next Generation in Cyber-war Game

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      CTF competitions are the most efficient ways to learn defensive and offensive security. Challenges come in different flavors for a VM with different vulnerabilities and levels. Each level drives you to next level until you complete all tasks.
      Moreover, you can join teams and play against each other. Team members have to gain access to other servers while defending their own server.

      Some CTF competitions have complex scenarios. For example, mimicking a company with an online business and defending it from other teams. Or a scenario where you have to laundry money without being caught.
      CTF competitions are all over the world and you can find them at InfoSec conferences like BlackHat, DefCon, CS faculties, online companies like Stripe, Mozilla, etc.

      CTF Pros
      There are invaluable advantages to competing besides security training. CTFs are fun. They help recruit new talent, do some team building, improve critical response in your business and more.

      CTF Cons
      Any good thing comes with bad things too. CTFs are held yearly all over the world for short period of time, far from the real world internet (e.g. no DoS or DDoS attacks allowed). Most of them fall into oblivion, even though they are fun.

      CTF365 – Prepare your tools, build your team, defend your country while conquer The World.

      We at CTF365 decided to change CTF competitions for the better and we promise to blow your expectations. We’ll simply build an internet within The Internet where everything will be possible. Well, almost everything. Routers, switches, networks, DoS or DDoS attacks, you name it.

      CTF365 is World of Warcraft for Hackers except that instead of fighting in a fantasy world, with imaginary powers against imaginary characters, CTF365 will replicate the real world as much as possible, and you will have to fight with your own real tools… hacking tools. TrackBack, Metasploit, Nmap, BackBox Linux or whatever you choose to use as weapons. You will have your own Fortress (your own server) to defend, with your own network, routers, and switches. You will build your own team and we will provide you with RTTK – Red Team Tool Kit for team communication and many more features.  There will be as few rules as possible trying to get to the perfect cyber wargame: No rules at all.

      CTF365 it is a five stars training ground arena for InfoSec Industry crafted for hackers, system administrators and security specialists, security students, Red Teams and CERT professionals and a must have for every InfoSec conference.

      You can take a look at CTF365 and tell us what you think.


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      That sounds great, I love a good CTF 🙂

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