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      Recently a reddit “community for securityCTF announcements and writeups” was started. Here is also a calender with upcoming CTF events.

      As I’m myself participating regularly in various CTF events, I’m sure others will appreciate it as well.

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      Some interesting new sites have popped up detailing CTF Info:

      http://ctf.forgottensec.com < Listing English CTFs, details, examples, writeups, and other details
      http://CTFtime.org < tracking team rankings across multiple CTFs and more.

      The first one is my site.  It is only a few months old, but growing quickly.  My goal is to make training/details available to people looking to start CTFs.  Many college students have the interest, but it’s difficult to get started unless you just dive in.  My goal is to make that initial dive less daunting.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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