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    First of all, big thanks goes out to Don for taking some time out of his schedule to talk to me, to discuss the logistics etc about setting up a con.

    So here is where I start. There is no doubt setting up a Con takes some effort, but someone has to decide to do it, and I have decided I will at least give it some thought, make some calls and see where it goes.

    So first question to everyone on EH-NET, any ideas for a name for a UK Con, I cant offer a prize, but I can offer thanks for all input. I thought BritCon, but not sure if it has the right ring, not original enough etc.

    Next is, to those members on here in the UK would you be interested, and do think think Birmingham would be a good central location.

    This is obviously all high level, I have more notes to make, come up with the name before really kicking this off and measuring interest, but EH-NET community is a great place to start.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    How about “Crumpet Con”!  ;D

    Good Luck!

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    Hey Dale,

    First of all, let me congratulate you for taking the initiative. Even though I am not from UK, i really appreciate your efforts and wish you all the success and extend support.

    One name that i would like to suggest is:

    i-con (pronounced as icon)

    The name doesn’t directly depict a security term or technology, however, I feel its a unique and catchy name. Let me know your comments.

    All the best.

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    meant to reply to this sooner, just had a bad couple of weeks so I’ve been out of it for a while.

    @dalepearson wrote:

    So first question to everything on EH-NET, any ideas for a name for a UK Con, I cant offer a prize, but I can offer thanks for all input. I thought BritCon, but not sure if it has the right ring, not original enough etc.

    guess you’ve seen my previous ideas here? Should be obvious I’m not going to be much help in this area 😉

    @dalepearson wrote:

    Next is, to those members on here in the UK would you be interested, and do think think Birmingham would be a good central location.

    Hell yeah 😀 Been thinking of trying the same thing once I’ve managed to shift some of my workload. Birmingham seems fairly central, so should be fairly accessible to most of us in the UK. Not sure how good the transport/airlines are around that part of the country for potential international attendees though, could be worth considering. Personally I’d head anywhere in the UK for a decent conference, outside of M25 would be preferable to try and keep accomadation costs etc. down.

    Hopefully life should get back normal and get me fully back in the game. I’ll try to hit you up next week.

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    thanks for the feedback and suggestions so far, please keep them coming.
    I have started looking into the costs, and once I got a good name sorted I will set up a proper site, and get interested folks to register interest before splashing out.

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    How about ConUKon -pronounced  Can you Kon.

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    The UK really needs a Con, so I would be very interested.

    Birmingham is good a place as any.


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    Right guys, some more help please 🙂

    I have been thinking of names, con related but also sorta security related.
    So I have added a poll, I have my own thoughts on my favorite, but would like your feedback.


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    Site is up and running, and is obviously a work in progress.

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    Hi Dale,

    I’d definitely attend – I didn’t see this thread until now.

    Just some initial thoughts (sorry for the long post):

    Perhaps it’s my ignorance coming through but is there a similar European conference already?  I only really know of the US ones.

    Do you want to/should you make it Euro-centric rather than UK centric?

    I think Birmingham is a good spot – it’s easy to get to from London so visitors from Europe shouldn’t have a problem getting there if they go via London on the eurostar.

    Please tell me that collaberate is deliborately spelled that way……  personally I’d say any name is better than miss-spelling something in an attempt at word-play….. I don’t know about other people but Londoners get way too much of that in the daily rags… it lowers the tone a bit IMHO.

    One thing I’m sure you’ve already thought about is image – what type of press do you want to attract to the conference?  Defcon for example is known as a “hacker” (in the bad-press propagated sense of the word) conference and the press picks up on things like the lockpicking competitions and recently the anti-virus avoidance competition etc.  would you want this type of image or would you prefer a more “professional” computer security image (to be honest I don’t know how this can be achieved in practicality, but the name “collaberate…because every day is a school day” possibly wouldn’t help.) the decision on this would help direct what events you’ll have and the imagery used in logos etc. I believe image is very important, and is perhaps a rant for another day, but if the public see the conference as a get together of people similar to the image on the metasploit homepage for example…. and compare that to the logo and you’ll see what I mean.  Potentially you’ll attract different types of people to the con depending on the image also?

    Perhaps the underlying issue is really the philosophy of the con – Defcon, for instance seems to be all about freedom to experiment, HOPE conference pushed the “hack the planet” image also.  However, take the TOOOL ( organisation for instance – they’re a bunch of people who get together to pick locks, but they’ve been on national TV in the Netherlands and are known for promoting security rather than promoting bypass.  Perhaps decide on how much you want to focus on vulnerabilities as opposed to securing things?

    Anyway – regardless of however it turns out, I’ll be there 🙂

    I’d certainly be willing to assist in any way I can – I’d love to see a con here in the UK. Let me know if there’s anything you need done.

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    thanks for the response. Its sorta spelt incorrectly on purpose / accident.
    I think I put something about it on the FAQ on the site.

    As for Europe, I believe there is something in Germany, but anyone is welcome, just in the past people have said it would be great to have something in the UK, so we shall see what happens.

    I am really looking for input from the InfoSec community, so I have set up the forum, and a site, am doing research.

    Basically people can help by suggesting topics, coming up with art work, anything and everything really.

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