Cracking salted MD5 hash

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      what are the steps one would take to crack a hash that starts with $1$. With some research i have found it is a salted MD5 but when i run john the ripper against the hash it finds nothing. I know the password for the specified hash but I am unable to actually get John to work. can someone explain the steps?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Can you provide the whole hash string and command you used?

      Also, I have a video at the bottom of this page on JtR:

      Professional Penetration Testing Media

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      I’d rather not have customer data online. But the command I am using is john –wordlist=english.txt /root/(file name). From my understanding that should give me everything in the English dictionary. Now it did crack 3 passwords that are in the same file. I did notice none of them have numbers in them. Does john by default use numbers with a brute force attack? Or should I download a word list that includes numbers? If so do you have any recommendations on word list?

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      Try the “–rules” option in John. That will mangle the words in your dictionary with some default rules in your john.conf file. There are also some very useful rule sets released by Kore Logic a few years back. You can find them here:

      I use a “for loop” to go through and use all those rules similar to this:

      for rules in `grep KoreLogicRules /etc/john/john.conf | cut -f2 -d: | cut -d] -f1`; do john --session=kore --format= --wordlist= --rules=$rules ; done

      Obviously, you’ll need to insert the proper fields into your command, but you get the idea.

      Hope that helps!

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      HA I got it with a little research and help from the rockyou.txt wordlist I was able to crack it! Come to find out the password had numbers in it while the other were standard words! This is why i love this field lol

      Thanks for your replies!

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