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      Hi everyone,

      I’m new to the forums, but wanted to say how insightful and helpful these boards are. I do have a question that I haven’t been able to determine an answer to. Does Mile2 offer a self-study program leading to the CPTS certification? Or are you required to attend the week long bootcamp that they offer?

      Has anyone pursued this track?

      Thanks for any help you can provide!

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      can you self-study, yes.  there is no requirement to take a class to take the test.

      are there any self-study books, no.  you’ll have to look at the course objectives and go from there. 

      its a little difficult because it doesnt tell you the tools they cover but then they ask you some tool specific questions on the test (not many, but a few questions).

      i felt it was a better exam than C|EH but i like the objective layout better on the C|EH

      hope that helps

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      I have to agree with Chris on this. Looking at the specification of the course/exam there is no real need to do the course, although it was very enjoyable, a week down in devon was great as total away from the office.
      I did the course last October and am finally getting round to doing the exam (been moving house and stuff).
      Although there is no self study material available i think that alot of the quality books available would be of help. One thing i would say that unlike the CEH i think they tend to be more up-to-date and so older text using old tools might be more of a hinderance especially when looking at command line tools that use a lot of extra commands.
      When i took the course they gave us a copy of the Gray Hat Hacking, which i am finding qute useful. The course itself covers quie alot of tools but most of them are also covered in the most recent books as well.
      Let me know how you get on…i am looking to book the exam for the end of november (at last!)
      I know this all sounds a bit grey but it is very hard to find out information about the exam itself..hope this has not clouded this issue.

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      Thanks for the input!  I picked up a copy of Gray Hat Hacking as well, and finding it a good read. I think I’ll probably pick apart the objectives and simply study for the CPTS piece by piece. I’ve done weeklong Microsoft classes for the MCSE exams, but I really didn’t find that the course prepared for the exams. I thought I fared better reading the books at my own pace and letting it sink in. I’ll take the same approach here .

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      @ChrisG wrote:

      i felt it was a better exam than C|EH but i like the objective layout better on the C|EH

      hope that helps

      Much better exam than the CEH since it revolves around conducting a complete assessment rather than generalities revolving the CEH.

      As for self-study products, CareerAcademy has a CBT out for the CPTS that was created by the Mile2 folks.  It’s pretty good.  “Gray Hat Hacking” & “Security Warrior” (or “Network Security Assessment”) should be used to help understand the “whys” of how the theory behind the tools work so that the be-all-and-end-all of assessments is not based on tools, but on theory which is supplimented by tools.

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      In my opinion the mile 2 training videos which i purchased and subsequently returned were not very informative. the videos themselves contained numerous editing flaws and i just felt like the instructor was purely reading the slides. And as this is the only official courseware it was very difficult to gauge a level of competency.

      I much rather preferred the ceh nuggets.


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