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    Hello Guys,
    I am new to this forum .I am planning to take my CPTS exam.I have passed  RHCT exam.Can any one guide me how to start my preparation.

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    if you have the course material just use that, the test is based off of their course material.

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    Chris Thank You.But seriously I don’t have mile2 material.I am trying to get them but I believe its gonna take time so meanwhile can u suggest how to start the preparation.I would be better if you can tell me how to start preparation and I will follow according to it.
    I am preparing now but my preparation is haphazard reading material and ebooks on security .I don’t know where to start  and proceed

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    just look at the course outline then and study those objectives. its similar to the CEH, so a CEH book would be a place to start, but they do cover some stuff that CEH doesnt cover hence, having the training materials would be nice.

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