CPTS passed on the 2nd attempt!

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      Hello boys and girls,

      Today on the 25 June 2007 I finally passed CPTS exam with 97% mark.

      I have done CPTS course in 2006 after doing CEH course and successfully passing CEH exam. The course was better then CEH (much more professional).

      I then attempted the exam. I didn’t study much for this exam due to the high work load and my free voucher (thanks to Mile2) was about to expire. I got 70% with passing mark being 80%.  At that time (end of 2006) I found that some questions were not very well constructed but overall it was a good test.

      Seven month later I got 97%. I only studied for about a week before the exam and still got high mark. Why?

      Because for the last 7 months I studied hard and earned several qualifications such as “Security+” and “MCSA: 2003”. Preparation for these certifications helped me to achieve better understanding of CPTS concepts.

      I also found that the exam questions have improved and were better constructed as well. CPTS is still not that popular compared to CEH, but I think it is only matter of time before it is all changed.

      I hope this information helps someone who is currently studing for CTPS.

      Good luck!

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      Hey, congrats in passing the exam!


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      Great work on passing!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Don Donzal

      Awesome! Well done my friend.

      As always, thanks for taking the time to share this with the EH-Net (and CSP) community. This really does help people.


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      Excellent! Congratulations! 🙂

      Do you mind telling which training provider you took CEH through and also which version of that course? And also what made it more “professional”?

      I’ve been looking at CPTS, but don’t really see any reason to go that direction as the outline looks very similar and I already have the PenTesters Toolkit that they provide with the courseware. Your comments and feedback are definitely appreciated as Don mentioned 🙂

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      Good job and thanks for sharing that info. I feel its good if the CEH program as a good competitor.

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      I am not sure what version of the course is currently being offered by Mile2. My courseware book is Version 5. I am working in this industry and trying to stay up-to-date by reading books, listening podcasts (Cyberspeak is my favourite) and studying for MCSE: Security (I just got MCSA) and some other Certifications.

      By more professional I meant that the instructor was working in Pentesting/Security field for about 12 years, had degree in Computer Science and if I remember correctly Cryptology/Mathematics.

      In comparison, CEH instructor had no degree in computing, had a couple of certifications (I think MCSE and Databases) and never worked in Penetration Testing/Computer Security field. So, no real word examples, all facts from the courseware and forget about getting the answer for any tricky questions you may come up with  😛

      The course I attended was offered by Execom in Sydney/AU.

      Hope this helps.

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      That’s good feed back. I feel anyone that takes a boot camp or goes for a cert should post on this forum. People here really appreciate it even if they don’t post a thank you. You can see that by the amount of hits a thread gets involving passing or getting a cert.

      The instructor not having a degree doesn’t bother me a bit. Some of the most amazing and “scariest” hackers I have met don’t have a degree.  To spend time with someone like that is worth gold. On the other hand, when you wrote that he had no experience in pentesting or the security field, that’s a little sad to say the least!  Sorry about that and I am sure you were a bit disappointed.  Learning hacking is still a little like running a maze. You hit dead ends after dead ends and then all of the sudden you make a breakthrough. Then you repeat that process over again.

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      You did excellent job! I think real job did help for better understanding how security works in professional environment.

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