CPTS Exam booked – finally!!! Any advice?

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      Finally booked my CPTS exam for this friday….. still not sure if ready but what the hey, got a free exam voucher so will see if i am.

      What i am really asking is if any one has any advice for this…not asking for the questions just whether you need the full time limit and stuff. I have been hitting the books all week as off work on holiday but not really sure if they are the right ones.
      My main revision has come from the Mile2 notes, Grey Hat Hacking and just reading around. The lack of information about what is acutally in the exam is making me a bit nervous as not sure if i have covered everything.
      Really want to do well ( not that anything above 80% , a pass mark my friends cannot get to grips with as their Accountancy qualifications only need 50%, is bad.)
      Any thoughts or advice welcome as running out of fingernails. 😉


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      know alternate data streams i took several questions on that and i think i bombed them because i didnt bother to study that stuff.

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      well the best laid plans of mice and men…and all that!
      Took the exam but got 69%.. 🙁 not too happy as put a lot of work into it but at least i know what the test is like now. I think i messed up on a few of the ‘chose all that apply questions’…really hate those ones.
      Back to the books and will try again soon.

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      Sorry to hear that!  At least it was free though.  I just received CPTS CBT’s from Career Academy, and it looks like there is a ton of content.  I received them via Mile2 (great company!) and am happy with them so far.  I wonder if they will help me exclusively for the exam.  When do you plan on doing the exam again?

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      Not sure about the content of the CBT’s/ I know that one of the guys on them, wayne, was they lecturer on the course i did with Mile2 last year and he was excellent.
      Might have to look at those CBT’s..although they normally cost quite a bit so not sure if my meager wages will cover them.
      Was looking to retake in the next few weeks but not sure now…confidence has taken a bit of a knock and just need to get myself backup there.
      Let me know what you think of the disks as might have to get in touch with Mile2 and see how much they are.

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      Don Donzal

      Hey luckydevil,

      Failing an exam is not the worst thing to happen in life. Pretty small compared to a number of things. And it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the knowledge or experience. It may just be that you are not familiar with their exam. Keep your head high, and all will be fine.

      If Wayne was one of your instructors, contact him directly. He may have some good resources for you. You already spent money on the course, so they may be able to continue helping you pass the exam.

      The vids are from Career Academy. If you do decide to buy them, please use the link on the right. It helps support EH-Net.

      You’ll do just fine,

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      Thanks for that. Feel better today as been working hard for this some weeks and think i just needed a day off.
      I will contact mile2 when i get into work on monday and see how that pans out. If i can get the vids i will of course use the link…any support i can give the site am more than happy to as have got a lot out of it so far.
      Keep up the good work and will see how it goes.
      Nothing keeps me down for long, just needed a day of relaxation, it you can call going round the shop for xmas presents and food shopping that!!

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