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      There have been a few posts lately about the Corelan live exploit dev training course. I thought this would help you make your decision if you’re on the fence. The metasploit guys just took his course, and if they give it the thumbs up, you know its good. I’m just relieved to hear  that they also took 28 hours, not just our crew 🙂

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      Thanks, that’s good to know. I am planning on taking this course in June in Paris. Like you and ajohnson said, it should complement the CTP course.

      I asked Peter by email about the price of the course and his answer was:

      At a conference – for example Hack In Paris (France), Athcon (Greece), Brucon (Belgium), Derbycon (US) or HackFest (Canada).  Cost is set by the conference organization and is typically somewhere around $1000 USD / 1000 euro

      I think this would be a great deal. So I am seriously considering it.

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      That is a a GREAT deal. We paid significantly more. We had to bring Peter to us, which is probably why. I suspect with all the extra free press he gets being at a Con, and larger classes maybe, he can bring the price down.


      oops, just realized you said euros…. that’s still a little cheaper, but not as big of a break as I thought…

Viewing 2 reply threads
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