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      Do you want the most powerful penetration tool in the world?

      Well.. i own a security service and me with some friend bought Core Impact 10 and i cracked it.Now it works with everyone. sells it 30,000$ for a single license

      I cracked it and I can sell it to you for 50$ – PayPal Payment

      With Core Impact 10 there’s everything is vulnerable since because every exploit is a 0day and absolutely private.

      For more info and screen shoots: http://url.removed
      Happy Hacking 😉

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      Aside from what this site is about, why would someone want to pay you for software that is two major revisions behind? That’s like saying, “hey, I wrote this new exploit for ms03_026 and I’ll sell it to you for $5”

      Not to mention, there have been other cracks around for other older versions of core impact as well. And I’m pretty sure Core probably watches this site, so they’re likely to check into your activities too.

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      I think you may have mistaken us for the Unethical Hacker Network. They’re the next door down, happens all the time ::)

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      Keep IN Mind This Is An ETHICAL Hacker Network, and brother they can trace you and you cant sense them. We are not crazy of-course Core Impact Is prefect but when we can use metasploit nikto and many of free or cheap tools why we break low? ? ? ? ? ? ?  >:(

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      It amazes me someone with the skill to crack software can’t figure out how to read the title of a web site.  Really it’s not like the “Ethical” part of the web site is hidden.  Duh it’s even in the URL!  LOL

Viewing 4 reply threads
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