Congrats Brian Wilson, CISSP!

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      Don Donzal

      Our good friend and EH-Net columnist recently attended ChicagoCon 2007 not only to present an awesome demo of Cain and Abel, but he also was a student in the CISSP course. We’re proud to announce that he passed his exam and now has some more letters after his name.

      Although if you ask him or anyone else for that matter, this is no easy exam. So considering the difficulty of the exam and the fact that the CISSP is recognized as the gold standard of security certifications, I’m sure this one will go to the top of the list.

      Just don’t forget us little people when you’re famous.  😛

      Well done and welcome to the ranks,

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      Congrats!!  ;D

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      Excellent job, Brian! Big congrats!!!

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      Just heard the news.. CONGRATS man!  All the more respect for ya  😉

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      Thanks everyone and I got to say that Don was a big help sending me books months ahead of time. That was the hardest test I have ever taken… I took 5.5 hours to complete it but I guess it paid off as I got a passing score. I would recommend anyone thinking about the CISSP to make time to study. I was very lazy and did not study to much before going to Chicago and I ended up very surprised by how hard the test was.  Now I am re-reading all the books as I feel more interested in the 10 domains. Thanks EH-Net for all your support!



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      Great news, well done. Can you tell us more about the exam (without violating the NDA)?

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