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      I’m in my 20’s and a Helpdesk Technician as a few of you know by now. I just switched positions at work and have a horrible boss now. He is willing to pay for 1 attempt on certification exams (if I bug him enough), but don’t think he’ll keep a straight face if I ask him/the company to pay admission to an IT Security conference. Most of these conferences have been pretty pricey at well over $1000 for admission alone.

      Can anyone recommend some good conferences in N. America where admission is actually affordable if paying on your own? (besides Def Con)

      I’ve been wanting to attend one for quite a while now and see so many conferences popping up now.


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      Don Donzal

      There’s so many out there now that are also affordable. DerbyCon is becoming one of the hot events. Also, have you checked to see if there’s a BSides event near you?

      Where do you live (without getting too specific)? Then we might be able to make some better suggestions.

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      There are a LOT of various, regional conferences. If you can give us a rough location, like Don suggested, I’m sure we can point you to something significantly cheaper than $1,000 near you.

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      Yep, there are a lot of conferences you can sign up.

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