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      Hello Community,

      Ive a background in IT support and hold CompTIA A+ & Network + plus other Microsoft credentials. I have decided to move into IT security and particularly hacking. I am very interested in looking at the Certified Ethical Hacking course and wondered what advice people would give me as a newbie wanting to become an Ethical hacker.

      I have no experience in Linux but have decided to get familiar with Linux and learn coding too. Basically, what advice cvan you give a newbie wanting to move into Ethical Hacking


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      Don Donzal

      Stay away from CEH. At a time when there were no organized offerings for training on ethical hacking, then maybe this was a good first step into a new world. That time is long gone. Not only will you not be ready for what the professional world has to offer by just attaining a CEH cert, but there are so many more options out there… and better ones at that.

      – If money is no issue, then go take a SANS course either live or online with Ed Skoudis. You will never regret the decision.
      – If you’re looking for a more economical first step, try They have a student track for not only students but also newcomers to hacking. Then you can step it up to the Pro course and more.
      – Then when you’re really ready to step up your game, go for
      – If money is non-existant, try All Free! All the time!
      – Plenty of great books out there. Even some oldies but goodies at your public library. Or watch for a free ebook every day.
      – Learn programming. Start easy with python, but if it’s webapp pentesting you’re looking to get into, then javascript is a must. Too many free options to list them all, but try, or my recent find to get my kids into coding… For a college-style course, you can’t go wrong with

      In the end, choose you’re own path. With all of this out there, the only obstacle is yourself!

      Hope this helps,

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      Ive decided i want to start doin roaches now But ive not got the faintest idea of what im doing, so would love some advice from u experts

      Whta can u keep roaches in, do they smell? What substarte, what food etc etc

      Thanks Guys

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