Citibank Hacked for Millions… Or Was It?

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      Don Donzal

      According to The Wall Street Journal, U.S. authorities are investigating a computer-security breach targeting Citigroup.Inc. The hackers, who appear to be linked to a Russian cyber gang, made away with tens of millions of dollars.

      It’s unknown whether the hackers gained direct access to Citibank’s systems or if they went through a third party, or if it even happened at all. Despite reports to the contrary, Citibank officals contend that no such breach occurred.

      “We had no breach of the system and there were no losses, no customer losses, no bank losses,” said Joe Petro, managing director of Citigroup’s Security and Investigative services. “Any allegation that the FBI is working a case at Citigroup involving tens of millions of losses is just not true.”

      The Wall Street Journal claims the threat was initially detected by U.S. investigators who noted suspicious traffic from IPs that had been used by the Russian Business Network, which is a Russian gang that has a history of selling hacking tools and software for accessing U.S. government systems.

      Original story:


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      I would think the WSJ would be a bit more credible than to just fabricate something entirely. I’ll be curious to hear the truth of this.

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      ditto, jason…

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      If it turns out that Citbank did indeed get pwned, I am guessing that Joe Petro would be in some hot water.  He is pretty adamant about denying that anything happened.  Usually, when something like this happens, the press release is a bit more noncommittal. 

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      It’s likely the weasel words that make the difference “Any allegation that the FBI is working a case at Citigroup involving tens of millions of losses is just not true”. It doesn’t say that they didn’t have a breach.

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      LOL Jason, that’s a great point.

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      I wonder if this incident has woken people up to the fact that more security professionals within this specialised area are required and that ethical hacking is a seperate area in IT and is not a black art as so many think.
      Wouldn’t get my hopes up though

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      Heck no. There have been several *huge* breaches in the last few years. The general public is still fat, dumb, and happy.

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      In my experience, the most you can hope is for a major corporation to view security as a necessary evil. No matter how you sell it, they see it as an expense against their bottom line.

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      Is it wrong to want a big event to completely shock people so much so that they wake up from their daydream and start realising things.

      I mean everything runs off a computer system nowadays Cyberdefense should be paramount what would happen if something so catasrophic occured that it could result in armageddon, water supplys could be contaminated, power failures accross the globe, the likelihood isn’t likely but the threat still remains.

      I’m shocked that the whitehouse has just appointed a cyberdefense advisor, haven’t they heard of cyberterrorism.

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