Chris Nickerson’s New Podcast, Exotic Liability, LIVE at ChicagoCon May 9

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      Don Donzal

      This special edition of Exotic Liability will feature not only the speakers from ChicagoCon but also the attendees in an open discussion on the security landscape as the experts in the field see it. Also look for Chris Nickerson and Mike Murray to give you an update on the Social Engineering Master Class and the ghorry details of their hot new course.

      The podcast is described on their website as:

      The Start of a new generation in Security Podcasts

      Sick of the podcasts that are telling you stuff you already know? Tired of the same old “read the sheet” presentation skills of most podcasts? Looking for fresh content and expert outlook? Bleeding edge and beyond…. Exotic Liability will push you into the new generation of Security. On your own or by force, we will be bringing you the best content from the TOP of the Security industry. No more firewall admins speculating about how attacks happen, these are the pros. These are the people that make Security tick. If you are tired of the old solutions and rhetoric, join in.

      Check it out:


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      I’ve listened to a bunch of the podcasts they have put out and I’ve really like them. They have good commentary on security news and issues. It has become one of my favorite security podcasts (still hard to beat pauldotcom security weekly though). You can tell these guys know their stuff (or are they just social engineering all of us?).They do come off a tad cocky in the podcast though, but I still really enjoy the podcast.

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      I’d have to say the best security podcast out there to date…  I realize that pauldotcom is probably a favorite among many, but it’s just a little too commercialized / mainstream which seems to affect the content.

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      The more I listen to the podcast the more I like it.

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      No doubt, after having met all 3 of em at Chicagocon, EL has me hooked.  The latest one wiht the story about 2 master social engineers killing time by messing with religious recruiters and their personality tests had me on the floor… it was so damned funny.

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