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      Seeing as China may be our biggest cyber threat, do you think studying it along with computer security in college will increase the chances of getting a good government job?

      Either way, I’m going to study it.. just because people say its very challenging.. and because I’m a big fan of the culture.. and tea.


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      I know the local university (Eastern Michigan University) as an Information Assurance program right now. They’re department head (over CS too) is claiming that the IA graduates (even with a BS) are getting 99% job placement, mostly with the government.

      I don’t know if the trend will continue, but I think a person to be good at security has to have had time in the trenches working on the products in question.

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      Check out:

      I use the Japanese equivalent for my studies. These are short, daily podcasts that teach you the language. You can pay a nominal fee to get access to the learning center and do flash cards and a lot of other interactive study tools. Innovative Language has a lot of other languages too.

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      nice info man..

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      linguists are always in demand. Don’t rule out Arabic in your equation. “good” and “government job” seems an oxymoron though.

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