Chinese Android Malware in AllWinner, RockChip & WonderMedia

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      Hello Ethical Hackers,

      I have a cheap Android device (WonderMedia) and found this document:

      Originally posted here:

      The document explains that many Chinese tablets come with preloaded malware, the document tells us how that malicious system works.

      The document also tells us about espionage but I don’t fully understand everything and I end up with more questions and worries after reading this document.

      Anyone up to tell me short and simple what this all means?

      The way I read it, many Android Firmware SDK’s are infected by this trojan, AllWinner, RockChip and WonderMedia seem affected by this. Causing many Chinese manufacturers to spread trojan infected firmware.

      Thanks to anyone explaining more about this in advance!


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      Hello everyone!

      Is there anybody here that can tell more about botnets like this ???

      If so, please share your information!

      The writer of the article says that GoDaddy AND Linode ignore takedown requests for cloudsota, though it’s OBVIOUSLY a malicious domain, I personally have seen most malicious websites and botnets registered by GoDaddy, they seem to have a reputation of ignoring such dangers.

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      If anyone is able to tell more about this, please share your information, I’m curious about the eventual goal this malware has, it has to be more than just ads …

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