China shuts down training website for hackers

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      China has closed down what is believed to be the country’s biggest training website for hackers, state media has reported.

      They say the site, Black Hawk Safety Net, gave lessons in hacking and sold downloads of malicious software.

      Source and more info available from:

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      Don Donzal

      Saw this also from China Daily:

      What is believed to be the country’s biggest hacker training site has been shut down by police in Central China’s Hubei province.

      Three people were also arrested, local media reported yesterday.

      The three, who ran Black Hawk Safety Net, are suspected of offering others online attacking programs and software, a crime recently added to the Criminal Law. A total of 1.7 million yuan ($249,000) in assets were also frozen.

      According to the provincial public security department of Hubei, the closure of the website had its roots in a previous Web attack and virus dissemination case in the city of Macheng in 2007, when police found some of the suspects caught were members of Black Hawk Safety Net.

      Hubei province named Black Hawk Safety Net as the largest hacker training site in China, which openly recruited members and disseminated hacker techniques through lessons, trojan software and online forum communications.

      Since it was established in 2005, the site had recruited more than 12,000 VIP members and collected more than 7 million yuan in membership fees. More than 170,000 people registered for free membership.

      Police said more than 50 officers had been investigating the case.

      They seized nine Web servers, five computers and one car, and shut down all the sites involved in the case, according to the provincial public security department.

      “I could download trojan programs from the site which allowed me to control other people’s computers. I did this just for fun but I also know that many other members could make a fortune by attacking other people’s accounts,” said a 23-year-old member of Black Hawk Safety Net in Nanjing of East China’s Jiangsu province, who asked to remain anonymous.

      “It is not very difficult to do simple hacker tasks. Some hacker members are teenagers who dropped out of school and make money by stealing accounts,” he said.

      A 20-year-old college student who registered with three different hacker training sites said a hacker training course costs from 100 to 2,000 yuan.

      “Basically students were told how to steal accounts and use trojan programs. Sometimes trainers show us how to write programs,” he said.

      “But now it’s very difficult to become a registered member. Some well-known hacker training sites have not been accessible since November,” he said.

      According to a report released by the National Computer Network Emergency Response Coordination Center of China, the hacker industry in China caused losses of 7.6 billion yuan in 2009.


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      “We are seriously serious about hackers, seriously!”  I think it was just a publicity stunt.  Kinda like the Columbian government cracking down on drugs.

      Was the Chinese government afraid of the competition?  Did they hire the students from the school?

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      There was an interesting article in PopSci a while back.  It analyzed the Chinese hacking culture and the Chinese government’s opinion of it.

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      Don Donzal

      Makes me nervous though for sites like this one that offer tutorials and forums as stated in the article. Add in other sites like OffSec, Milw0rm, etc. that offer code, and are we all next on the list of sites to shut down due to pressure from Google?

      OK… tin foil hat is coming off now.


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      Yeah, they’re cracking down…  publicly anyway…  Meanwhile, their cyber / cracking schools and training programs are so widely recognized and talked about.  But hey, why not at least TRY to make the rest of the civilized world believe you’re shutting these activities down.

      It’s easy to make themselves ‘look’ like good guys, when they’re actively cracking down on ‘individuals’ committing cyber crimes, while they continue to develop the same thinking and minds behind the scenes, for more advantageous and critical activity.

      don, I’d agree with the nerviousness.  That said, however, I’d like to hope, at least, here in the US, with the emphasis on combating cyber crime, and with activities like the US Cyber Security Challenge going on, that well-meaning activities and sites, such as EH-NET, have less to be concerned about, from the standpoint of being shutdown.

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      What I would like to know is how sophisticated their techniques are and whether they have developed any new techniques.

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      From what I have read, they have lots of 0-days floating around.

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      It didn’t take long, apparently they are back online.  You can’t keep a Chinese hacker down.. or nobody backs Black Hawk in the corner!

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