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      Don Donzal

      [align=center:11clo40r][url=]ChicagoCon 2009s
      Ethical Hacking Conference & Training
      May 4 – 9, 2009
      [align=center:11clo40r]2009s Focuses on Professional Hacking & Social Engineering

      If you are taking one of our training courses, then the Ethical Hacking Conference is included in the price of your class. If not, you may purchase a Conference Only Ticket for Just $100. Only 200 Conference Only Tickets are being made available, so get yours NOW!!

      ChicagoCon 2009s will feature security-focused boot camps, exams on-site followed by a two-day ethical hacking conference. Learn from the pros and network with peers in order to advance your InfoSec career. Not just another boot camp or hacker con, ChicagoCon adds value to your training dollars with top instructors and well known certifications.

      Training Highlights:
      – Social Engineering Master Class with Mike Murray & Chris Nickerson
      – CISSP, Net+/Sec+, CEH, CHFI
      – CASS, CEPT, CREA

      Conference Highlights:
      – Keynotes and Technical Presentations
      – “The Doctor Is In” Career Counseling
      – Lock Picking 101
      – Resumania
      – Capture the Flag


      MicroTrain Facilities
      720 E. Butterfield Rd. Suite 100
      Lombard, IL 60148
      More details


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      Werd to Don D for a fabulous ChicagoCon 2009s conference.  Undoubtedly the best $100 I’ve ever spent on keeping up to date in security.  If you’re in Chicagoland and didn’t attend… tsk tsk! 

      And the freebies… awesome.  I just tallied up and by asking a few questions and participating actively in activities, I someone managed to walk out of their with 4 quality tech books worth $112!

      I met a number of new contacts in the community, and had a great time both days.  Kudos to Don for the best speaker lineup yet.  Of all the talks there’s only one I recall didn’t feel terribly useful to me, but every other talk and session I learned something new and directly applicable to my work.  For a tech conference to have such a high hit rate, at least in my experience is quite rare.

      Don, keep up the good work–I know this takes a ton of effort to coordinate, and I was very happy to be a part of it.  Well worth the day off and the drive! 

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      Yup, definitely agree. Great conference, Don! As always it was great getting to meet a few new faces from the forum and hanging out with the old ones too 🙂

      The talks were good and the presenters all did an excellent job. Looking forward to the next one!


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      By the way, when will the next one be.  Don, will you be doing a 2009f?


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      When is the next event?

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      Don Donzal

      Let’s just say for family reasons, ChicagoCon is on hiatus. Not dead, but no immediate plans to do the next one. There are plenty of great hacking cons out there now including Thotcon and BSidesChicago in this area. There are other security conferences like the Midwest InfoSec Forum, SANS Chicago and others that make stops in Chicago. So I’m happy to help promote those.

      I get a lot of people ask me about ChicagoCon, so it makes me feel proud that it made a mark. But the life decision to be a stay-at-home Dad and run EH-Net has a much bigger ROI for me personally.

      Thanks for asking,

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