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      Don Donzal

      The Digital Construction Company and its online properties, CSP Magazine and this very site, The Ethical Hacker Network, is proud to bring you:

      [align=center:3d3o408n]ChicagoCon 2007
      Sept 17 – 23, 2007
      White Hats Come Together in Defense of the Digital Frontier
      Register Now!

      ChicagoCon is poised to become the premier security event in the industry by bringing together the biggest names in education and certification under one roof for a week of security training like no other. In the city of broad shoulders, we plan to not only work hard in class and during the evening presentations but also play hard in the hacker contests and final blowout celebration. And when all is said and done, your career will be leaps and bounds ahead of where it currently is.

      With boot-camp style classroom training, ChicagoCon will host 11 classes featuring a cross-section of the security landscape. From the novice, to the ultimate techie to those reaching for the CISO chair… everyone interested in a career in security will find something at ChicagoCon, your one-stop shop for security training and certification.

      Each morning we will start the day with a continental breakfast and morning keynote. Class starts promptly at 9:00 AM. Lunch is at 12:30 followed by an afternoon of more classroom time. After a short evening break, review sessions will complete your classroom activities for the day… Then the fun starts.

      With dinner being provided most nights at the event, you will move right into evening presentations. Starting with the Softcore Sessions, we’ll cover topics such as career advancement and policy discussions. Then we’ll move into the Hardcore Sessions with hacking demonstrations and in-depth technical discussions.

      [align=center:3d3o408n]Your brain will be mush, but that's a good thing![/align:3d3o408n]

      Better get to bed in the optional hotel room package to do it all over again the next day. We highly recommend, even though you may be a local attendee, to stay at one of the host hotels. Eliminating all outside distractions will help you concentrate on your studies and advancing your career.

      Keynote Speakers

      • John C. Dvorak, Columnist, Author, Editor
      • Steve Hunt, Industry Analyst, Blogger
      • Lance Spitzner, Honeynet Project
      • Doug Steelman, DoD
      • Vincent Weafer, Symantec

      Evening Presentations:
      The Softcore and Hardcore Sessions will feature a combination of ChicagoCon instructors, EH-Net columnists, friends and sponsors.

      Course Offerings:
      It’s been brought to my attention that anyone can put on a boot camp, but it’s the instructors that make all the difference in the world. For that reason, we chose to partner with some of the top training providers. Each partner is also offering discounts to their normal prices for ChicagoCon attendees.

      • The Training Camp – Global provider of training that has been awarded by (ISC)2, EC-Council, Redmond Magazine, SC Magazine, Windows IT Mag, and more.
      • The InfoSec Institute – Highly regarded in the industry with such quality instructors as Jack Koziol, the InfoSec Inst has Microsoft, the CIA, DoD and many others on its roster of clients.

      Together we have assembled an impressive list of Instructors and Presenters to bring you the following classes:


      • PMP/CAPM – Project Management
      • SOX/COBIT
      • CISSP (7-Day) – Exam to be held onsite!


      • Ethical Hacking Fundamentals (Network+/Security+)
      • Linux+
      • CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate


      • CEH (CNDA) – Certified Ethical Hacker
      • CHFI – Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator
      • SNPA – Cisco PIX / ASA


      • CEPT – Certified Expert Penetration Tester
      • Web Application Hacking

      With a plush 180-seat auditorium, 10 additional classrooms with computers, whiteboards and projectors, as well as meeting space and lounge areas for the students to eat, relax and network with colleagues, ChicagoCon 2007 is proud to select MicroTrain as the venue for our premier security event.

      MicroTrain Facilities
      720 E. Butterfield Rd. Suite 100
      Lombard, IL 60148
      Tel: 630.981.0200
      Contact: Mamta Nanavaty x204

      For more information, go to Feel free to PM me directly with any questions, concerns or suggestions.


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      I registered today and i can’t wait to take the 7-day CISSP. I am looking at buying books now to perpair before the class. I encourage the rest of you to get registered soon to make sure you get the course you want to take.


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      Don Donzal

      As those of you who know me can attest, I’m quite fond of giving away prizes. I also like to spring a few extra goodies on people when they don’t expect them. So here is one of those moments…


      As it turns out, you were not only the first person to register for the CISSP course, but you were also the first person overall to signup for ChicagoCon. Because of that, how about a virtual door prize? I sent you a box worth over $2000 full of everything you’ll need (and then some) to pass the CISSP exam including several CISSP study books, Shon Harris videos from Career Academy and more.

      Thanks for being #1. Now it’s time to hit the books!


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      😮 😮 🙂 😉 😀 THANKS Don!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Now I have no excuse but to pass it 😛


    • #12936

      Haha, Awesome!! Congrats, Brian and good luck! 🙂

    • #12937

      Wow, great prize. This is definitely due pay back to worthy member here, regardless of when and for what he registered.

      Good luck Brian with the CISSP and enjoy the Con. Good luck to Don too for the Con and also keep up the great work here.  😀

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      Don Donzal

      Thanks, Negrita.

      Here’s another little update. We are about to finilize the last 2 keynote slots. We are in final negotiations with an executive from Symantec and someone from the Department of Defense.

      This will give us the big name in Dvorak, hacking by Spitzner, physical security with Hunt and the last two will round out the field with a corporate guy and a government guy. That should just about cover it.

      Now that we have the site live, registration is open and keynotes are filled, I will start coordinating the evening schedule with hacker contests and presentations on numerous topics. We have a lot of great speakers lined up, and I can already see that it’s going to be difficult to find time for all of them. Oh well, that’s a good problem to have.

      Talk to you all soon and thanks again for your support,

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      Don Donzal

      Next week is a big one for us as a number of email blasts will be going out to try to blanket the industry about ChicagoCon 2007…

      [align=center:3v383sj7]This is where I need everyone's help.[/align:3v383sj7]

      The time has come for me to ask: Are you ready to do a service for your Don?  😉

      I am going to submit the main ChicagoCon Web Page to digg on Monday afternoon. We then have 24 hours to get enough votes to make it on the front page. I’ll post the link here, click on it, place your vote by digging it and off we go. It’s never been more vital for the community to help out. After voting yourself, please help spread the word to get as many diggs as we can.

      [align=center:3v383sj7]I'm usually the one giving, but now I need to ask for your help.[/align:3v383sj7]

      While we’re at it, here’s some good news. The 5 Keynote spots have all been inked, and the 2 new spots are being filled by:

      Doug Steelman, DoD

      Doug Steelman was introduced to information technology and security while serving in the United States Air Force 16 years ago. He earned his B.S. in Computer Science during this service. After his tour in the military Doug established information security programs in the private sector for five years before returning to DoD. He has led Computer Network Defense (CND) and Information Assurance (IA) efforts for multiple DoD organizations. These include the Pentagon CIRT, the Counter Intelligence Field Activity (CIFA), and Headquarters Army. He is committed to developing CND/IA across DoD’s Global Information Grid (GIG) and working to improve the GIG’s collective security posture and defense capabilities.

      Vincent Weafer – Sr. Dir. of Dev, Symantec Security Response

      Vincent Weafer is responsible for the Symantec Security Response global research center teams. His mission is to advance the research into new Internet security threats and to provide the most trusted and rapid response to today’s complex threats and security risks. His team has also been responsible for the development of key security technologies such as NAVEX—extensible anti-virus engine technology, Bloodhound—virus heuristic detection technology, SARA—virus acquisition and analysis infrastructure and the security vulnerability and risk analysis database. Weafer has presented papers at technical conferences such as the European Institute for Computer AntiVirus Research (EICAR). He has been quoted extensively in the global press and also speaks regularly at conferences and seminars throughout the world such as Interop Las Vegas, Business 4 Site Conference, Forum on Information Security in Government and the DoD Cyber Crime Conference.

      Thanks for everything,

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      Don Donzal

      Submitted to digg:

      Could use everyone’s help in getting this event off to a running start and ensuring its future success. Tell everyone you know to digg this this within the next 24 hours to attempt to make their front page.

      Tell one, tell all… or as they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often.  😉

      Many, many thanks,

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      I just Dugg it and pasted the word along to some other friends! We need all of the community here to help out! Go to and sign up if you do not have an account it’s free and it will help Don and this network/community out alot!


      Come on and help out as everyone here is welcomed and helped by Don time to pay back the favor!

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      Dugg it!! As of this writing there’s 42 diggs. We need more though. C’mon guys, lets give EH-Net and ChicagoCon a hand.

    • #12943

      Just signed up for a account and added my vote. I also posted the message to a couple of other forums.

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      How many diggs does it need to make it to the front page? I see it has 56 now, and there’s one on the front page with only 44. Is that because that one received those 44 in a shorter time span or something?

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      Don Donzal

      I have no idea. I saw a Security topic yesterday that had 80 and didn’t make it yet. Maybe it depends on the category.

      Guess we just have to keep plugging away.

      Thank you everyone for all of the support,

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      And digged it!

      Let’s see if that works  ;D

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      I just dugged it just now. I did my part!

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      I just don’t understand… how do we compete with “3 year old discovers corpse at birthday party”?? 😛

      82 diggs thus far… only a few hours remaining…

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      Don Donzal

      Honestly, I thought 85 would be the number to reach, but apparently I’m wrong.

      We need a big push right here at the end. We’re close. I can taste it!!

      Thanks everyone,

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      Don Donzal

      All I can say is Wow!. We had 105 diggs before the end of the first 24 hours and didn’t make the front page.  :'(

      Oh well. Sh!7 happens and you move on with life.

      Thanks to everyone for the Herculean effort,

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      one word…


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      Don Donzal

      OK… let’s end this day on a good note.

      We have worked out a deal with the guys from Offensive Security and BackTrack fame to not only have an EH-Net version of BT2 that will be distributed at ChicagoCon 2007, but it will also be the only version (before BT3 – no ETA) to have Metasploit 3, bug fixes, more wireless driver support, more support for wireless cards going into monitor mode, several other of the base tools will be updated, and… drum roll please!!

      Instead of an ISO, we will be making it into a VMware Virtual Appliance. That way you can use it for your practice labs very easily but also be able to save your settings and any other files you desire.  8)

      Thanks Muts!!


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      Wow, that’s awesome!

      What ever happened with the wallpaper thing? Did anyone submit any ideas/examples?

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      Wow! That’s great to hear EH-Net will have their own version of BackTrack.  Since I cannot get down to Chicago, will this be available for us to d/l?

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      Don Donzal

      My apologies to the 2 – 3 people who submitted backgrounds, but (as you can tell from the small numbers), we didn’t have much to go on and none of them really grabbed us as being unique or pushed the brand.

      As for DLing, we will make this available to all. Just not sure how we’re going to go about it yet.


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      Don, if bandwidth issues come up as a problem for hosting (not sure what type of plan you have), you may want to check out Globat as they offer 1TB space and bandwidth for about $7 or $8 per month.

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      Clay Briggs

      I’m a tad new to this whole thing, but I’ve been gnawing at your forums for a while now learning.  One question I had, has anyone found an ISO distro of BackTrack that includes Nessus?  I use BackTrack a lot at work, and at home as well.. and have always found that one of the bigger limitations.  Like you all, I am interested in security testing… and it just seems odd to me that they wouldn’t include such a useful tool.  Especially since… even Knoppix has it.  Any ideas in that regard?  Sorry to sidetrack the thread there don.

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      yeah install your own distro of linux and install nessus yourself

      apt-get install nessus
      apt-get install nessusd

      done  🙂

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