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      I finally got around to taking this late last year. The courseware still needs some work but the overall/general idea of forensics is covered, along with a bunch of tools. The official courseware was the only thing I used to study.

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      Don Donzal

      I’ve often described EC-Council certs as being more like CompTIA certs where it is a baseline of knowledge but not very deep, can pass with just reading a book and/or courseware material, and it’s multiple choice and not practical. So it is very entry level but at least gets your feet wet. But I wouldn’t hire someone based on this cred alone, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend to a friend that they walk into a technical portion of a job interview armed with just this.

      Would you say this is accurate? If you were moving forward with this as a career path, what other certs would you look towards?


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      I would say that’s a pretty accurate description (of most certifications really). I haven’t seen the newer ECSA/LPT stuff so I don’t know what that looks like these days but those have practical components now (as does the new CEH offering). I have not heard anything about the CHFI getting a practical. Otherwise yes, CEH and CHFI definitely both on the entry-level side of things focused on fundamentals and a baseline of knowledge.

      If I were going to move into forensics, I would probably go get one of the other neutral certifications along with one of the tool certifications. From the neutral perspective, there’s the CFCE from IACIS and the CCE from ISFCE (ISC2 briefly offered the CCFP but it’s no longer available). The CFCE would probably be the one of choice, as it looks more difficult to obtain (subject to multiple peer-reviewed practicals, plus an exam) and is likely more valuable as a result.

      Then I’d pick a tool of preference (either EnCase or FTK) and do the associated certification. This would also be dependent on employer too in the event they already have a tool.

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