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      Finally, EC-Council has released their CHFI v3 courseware directly. I know Don had made a post about this saying Element K was offering it, but it’s more expensive (and I believe you need to be a training center or something; at least they don’t let me buy from them 😛 ).

      The courseware does not show up on their standard website, you’ll need to go directly to their order page at 2 Checkout, located here.

      In addition, the Official CHFI Study Guide has finally been published (month-after-month of being pushed back) and will include v3 objectives. This can be purchased directly from Syngress/Elsevier, or you can order it on Amazon for a little cheaper.

      Having had the chance to see/read previous version of CEH and ECSA, and then also reading the newer versions, I’m sure that we’re likely to see quite an improvement in the material presented in v3 of CHFI.

      Happy studying! 🙂

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      I jut picked up the Official CHFI Study Guide by Syngress. I’ve only flipped through it so far, but this looks like some excellent material. ;D

      I got this so I can learn the material before I get into a classroom, but I am definitely looking forward to it.

      Has anyone got the v3 courseware, yet? I know that the C|EHv5 came with a lot of software, and I was curious what is included in the C|HFI courseware.

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      Good deal, let me know you like it 🙂 I also have a copy.

      I have not bought the v3 courseware, but I do have the v2 courseware. I would imagine there’s not a huge difference in software.

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      I haven’t got a chance to see any of the CHFI courseware.

      Does it come with a stack of software like the C|EH courseware? C|EH came with a copy of BackTrack, and another 5 discs full of tools, scripts, slides, etc.

      BillV, have you taken the C|HFI exam? There is some really great stuff in this book. It was $60 well spent. ;D

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      The CHFI courseware (v2) doesn’t come with nearly as much software as CEH (v5), but it does contain a pretty significant amount. I would imagine that it’s been increased for v3, but I’m not sure.

      The v2 CHFI courseware has 2 books and I think 4 CD’s (2 with tools and such, about 800MB worth, 1 EnCase student edition, and 1 Helix).

      The book is definitely well worth the price, I’m sure especially if you’re considering taking the CHFI exam (no, I have not taken it and I’m not certain I’m going to pursue it).

      I would say it’s a safe guess that the study guide you’ve purchased, is all you need to study for and pass the CHFI exam. It more than likely has all the needed material, and you can download the tools.

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      I can’t comment on the V3 CHFI. I sat the V2. The exam.
      I found the exam to be very straightforward, there was a higher than expected concentration on the legislative side of things which annoyed me as the course concentrates on US legislation and I am a Brit!
      Compared to the CEH, the CHFI, at only 50 questions, was a good deal easier. I completed it in an obscenely short time. I say easier but I had concentrated on the legislative aspects prior to taking the exam.

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      Has anyone gotten this CHFI v3 Courseware?  I am curious as to what is actually included and can’t seem to find much information.  The link off the EC-Council site goes to 2Checkout and the price is $590.  Does this include a voucher for the exam?

      Any info on what this courseware contains will be much appreciated.



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      That will include the courseware only – books, discs – for self-study. The exam/voucher would be extra.

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