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      So as promised I took the CHFI this past Saturday 9/3/2011.  This was one of my main certifications to get.  I had set a goal a few yrs ago and when I set a goal I generally achieve it.

      The studying for it involved the CHFI manual that you can get from Amazon.

      As for other methods of studying involved what I learned in school over the past few years and also what i have learned at my internship.  Although there were two EnCase questions on it that I didn’t know. 

      The thing about this test is that when you read the question usually you can rule out one or two of them right away.  It’s ECCoucil’s way of being sarcastic on some of their questions. 

      Another way of studying was that before Saturday I was attending a CEH/CPT class in Colorado Springs taught through InfoSec Institute and that helped as there were a few questions that dealt with hacking and security.

      The test took me by surprise as there were a few Ipod questions on there that I didn’t know but again I guessed and from asking my boss I guessed correctly.

      The exam was fairly easy and I blew through it in less than an hr.  I suppose I could have gone faster but I reviewed my answers and thought about some of them I didn’t know.

      I generally liked this test and felt that for the $250 I spent on it, it was worth it and it finally feels good to put some letters behind my name.

      If you have any questions about it just let me know.

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      Greate review.

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      Mucho Gracis!

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      Oh I suppose my only beef was that I had to take version 6 as Infosec was having some problems getting the tests to load or something and this wasn’t told to us till most of us were logged in taking the test.

      It’s no biggie but I would have rather chosen to take ver 7.

      No biggie though.

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