CHFI/CCFE training at Infosec, wanna go with me

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      I have already put a deposit down in the class.  I am planning on going to the Las Vegas class which is scheduled for Feb 28-Mar 4th 2011.  So if I can get some other people to go they will give us a discount and maybe throw the CHFI test in for free.

      Anyone wanna go with me.

      Besides it better to go with people you somewhat know (even though we are online).

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      I know some of you want to go with me.

      What if I pay for your class?

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      Pay for my class?! Where do I sign up!

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      I would be very interested in going, but I don’t feel I meet the prerequisite knowledge. I’m just starting on my infosec journey.

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      That’s why you have a few months to get ready.  I am probably at the same level you are.  Although I do have a stronger passion for this stuff than I do the secuirty side.  But still it’s a few months away.  See if you can.

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      Class was about to begin in Feb but I went on Infosec’s website (hadn’t been on for a few months) and I noticed they were having a course in my state just a 100 miles from my house.  So Forget Vegas, I saved 600 bucks.  All paid for ready to go.  Class is in April rather than Feb.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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