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    Greetings  🙂

    Always wanted to chat with experienced security or IT folks, so this thread is for people who want to share knowledge or talk about some topics related to security and what so ever.

    I will start with my self:

    interests:      Penetration testing, programming,
                        almost anything related to security.

    feel free to add & chat any time, so who’s next?  🙂

    note: this is not only for experts, novice can join.


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    Hi zero one i like to join
    Interests: Pentest, networking, programming
    Messenger: add me

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    Might not be best idea posting email address as they get picked up and you will get spam.

    If you want to chat to other professional there are some pretty cool IRC channels to hang out on.

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    I have a better way of chatting with infosec pro’s  ;D
    – Get an IRC client like XChat, IRSSI or mIRC.
    – Go to (or for SSL I think.)
    – Join channels such as #corelan, #intern0t, #backtrack-linux, #metasploit, etc. There’s a lot of infosec pro’s on that server.  🙂

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    lol Maxe stop pimping your site out 😛 But yes I agree they are great resource to meet pro and share idea and get support. I tend to use IRC and this forums to get all my infosec help

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