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      Michael J. Conway

      Over the years since attaining my CISSP, I have found it all too easy to sit back and just maintain it instead of going out and getting new certifications or expanding upon that. So that takes me to my question(s). My current plan is this: ITIL v3 Fundamentals; CHFI; ECIH; and EDRP. My rational is simple:

      ITIL – I want to get into management and more and more organizations are treating IT and to a lesser extent CS as services to be managed.

      CHFI – Statistically, an organization is going to have a breach. Not a question of if but rather of when. I want to position myself in a place to effectively respond.

      ECIH – This goes with the previous. Again, response is key and I want to better understand what is needed beyond the detect, stop, and recover basics.

      EDRP – This is focused on disaster recovery. Again this is more about positioning myself and gaining the knowledge to effectively respond to disasters.

      The timing for these is roughly over the next year or so depending on funding. What do you all think? Do these make sense for a security practitioner?

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      Honestly, I was extremely disappointed in the CHFI and now I am working through eLearnSecurity’s Digital Forensic Professional which from a knowledge and lab standpoint I think is hands down better then what you get with EC-Council and for a lot less money. After finishing the CHFI I do not feel I gained the knowledge advertised as the test really forces rote memorization without much context.

      Other then the CEH a lot of the EC-Council certs are not recognized as well in the industry if your
      looking to move into management you would do better to get the CISM or even a business cert or degree.

      Just my thoughts.


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      Michael J. Conway

      Thanks Brandon,

      I will look at the eLearn courses again. And TBH, I kind of forgot about eLearnSecurity. Sorry Don.

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        Don Donzal

        Oh that’s it… You’re banned!! jk

        Although truly believing that the products they produce are top notch and totally practical made it easy when joining the eLS family last year, I’m still tasked with running an independent, unbiased publication. So no need to apologize at all.


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      How did you plan turn out?

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      Michael J. Conway

      Aside from a busy end to last year and a busy start to this year, my plan is still in something of a flux. I really need to put a date on the calendar for the ITIL exam if to do nothing ore than force me to study. After that and looking at what the EC CHFI and the eLearnSecurity version, I am probably going to go that route. After that, things are in the air.


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