Certification plans for 2016?

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      Not long and it will be 2016 – what are your goals in terms of certifications and trainings for the coming year?
      Has everyone achieved their goals for this year?

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      I’m finishing up my master’s degree this year. No immediate plans for additional certs.

      For 2015, my goal was to get the EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE). I got it this summer.

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      Looking to finish up the eLearn WAPTX exam, then likely Offensive’s Web App course, then up in the air, as I’m getting some priorities shifted at work, and the ‘winds of change’ are blowing. Got a lot going on right now.

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      Well like I said in my 2015 thread post, I didn’t do that good this year.

      2016 – Personal (just hard with all my money going to out of pocket for school):
      Locksmith cert. (on my list every year).
      PFSense firewall courses (think they come with cert of completion).

      GCIH (already paid for the exam, not doing the class, just need to study up and take in the next 4 months).
      Whatever else work says to take.

      Maybes / over-reach.
      CISSP, CNWA and or CNWP. PI License, and wouldn’t mind getting an ASIS certification.

      Lastly, anyone know of Threat Intelligence or Advance Threat Intelligence certs out there? I know SANs has a class, but not sure if there is a Cert.

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      What kind of work are you doing or trying to do? Your plans seem to be split between technical certs on the one hand (GCIH, CWNA/P) and physical certs on the other (PI license, ASIS, locksmithing).

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      The PI is needed in Michigan to do Computer Forensics work. The ASIS was recommended by my Intel professor during undergrad because I know the physical side to a point and done some physec in the past. Locksmith because I want more experience than I get as a member of TOOOL.

      But I also believe any good security person is going to cover both sides, and have some intel skill. Look at the hacking stories we have in our industry. Some start as a physical attack and become technical (Jayson Street’s talks where he gets in and plugs in USB drives). Some start as technical and become physical (harassing emails, and then the ex-husband shows up in the work parking lot).

      As for the work I do today, I’m working in a CIRT. Most of the time doing the Tech side of detection and remediation. But every few weeks I seem to end up working with the physical side because of the event that arises, and doing intel.

      I would also list some intel certs on the wish list, but haven’t seen any worth taking yet (well maybe Michael Bazzel’s OSINT one). SANS has the new Forensics 578. But I don’t think there is a cert for that yet. Might be good. At which point I’ll look at getting that too.

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      I missed my 2015 goals. I still need to complete GREM (attempt expires in January), and my GCIA attempt expires tomorrow. I have to decide whether i’m going to attempt to extend it. I dont have an immediate need for GCIA, its only really beneficial if I eventually do GSE.

      As for GREM, i’m not ready for it and I havent had time to study more. IDK if there is any time upcoming.

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      I have three in my mind

      OSCP – Incomplete

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      My Plans for this year are to
      complete a Udemy course on Hacking (About half way through presently So far its quiet good)
      CSTM (Cyber Security Team Member course and Exams ) Due mid Apr
      CISSP ( Hope to have this done by end of year)

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      Good to see you’re still at it (saw your post in the other thread, as well.) Good luck!

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      Thanks dude. The more I learn the more I love the testing side of Security (its like a drug). My current role has me doing more defensive side at present.

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      I got bumped into a more ‘all-inclusive’ management role this year, myself. But it’s good in that it’s allowing me to play all sides of the fence for a bit, and drive some initiatives home that have been needed for some time. 🙂

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