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      Hi there

      My employer has enrolled me in the dual CPT/CEPT course offered by Infosec Institute. I’ve completed the CPT, which I found quite easy as I am a pentester already. However, as I wade through the CEPT material I thought it would be a good idea to post here and see if anyone has done it, your experiences with the course and examinations and anything else you think would be a good idea to pass on. I’ve tried searching online and cannot find anything (positive or negative) about this course.

      Thanks. 🙂

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      Hi, Welcome to EHnet, I took the CPT, but I haven’t taken the CEPT. I remember a few posts from people considering the 10 day course, but I dont know if we’ve gotten a review. I’d be very interested in hearing your own review, especially as someone who is in the field.

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      I’d be interested as well to hear your experiences with the CEPT.  I’m equally interested that Infosec Institute is even still in business considering the plaugerism scandal last year…

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      They handled that situation.

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