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      Hi Guys,

      Iam glad i have found this forum to learn more on CEH certification.

      Need a advise from you guys,

      My background is with VC++,C++ , VB and all blah blah sort of asp things html suff with development background and at one point of time moved myself to testing and doing functional and non-functional testing. I was planning myself to get into penetration /security testing when i moved to testing, but didnt had exact way to get in. now with over 8+yrs experience in development and testing, i enquired with Training camp for ceh course in UK, i was told that persons with strong security knowledge or 2yrs experience in security can do CEH course. But according to Ec-council for self study only a person need 2yrs experience or else can take boot camp training and do ceh certifications. Also training camp advised me to take security+ initially and then pursue ceh bootcamp, i feel its too much of money put for both course for me.

      My query is cant a person by attending & learning CEH bootcamp training, pass certification ? , OR Training camp are misguiding me….

      Your early reply is appreciated, thanks a lots in advance

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      since you posted this a couple of times i want to give you an answer, but what is your question?

      “My query is cant a person by attending & learning CEH bootcamp training, pass certification ? , OR Training camp are misguiding me?”

      isnt training camp a bootcamp style teaching facility?  or are you asking if you absolutely need to take their Security+ course first? 

      really only you can answer the question if you need the security+ course.  take a look at the objectives and see if you know the material or not.  Security+ level knowledge most consider to be the minimal level you need to get into security stuff which is why most people recommend taking it if the provider or the customer is unsure of where they stand knowledge-wise.

      the other part of  your question is “cant a person by attending & learning CEH bootcamp training, pass certification”.  yes of course, i can give you the questions and in one day have you ready to take the test, that doesnt mean you know anything about security though…

      you’ll need to evaluate your own skill level to really answer your question.  self study is always doable if $$$ is the issue and their are other training providers that teach it different  ways  😉

      hope that helps.  if you maybe narrow down your question, i’ll try to help you out.

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      Hi Chris

      Thanks for your detail reply. I dont have background on security but have knowledge about TCP/IP and knowledge about user administration.

      I will narrow my question, CEH basic pre-requiste for training is basic knowledge of TCP/IP (i hope iam correct if not correct me), with that they can take up training. So with my 10yrs Exp in IT cant i take up the course and is it do i need to go thru Security+ and then to CEH?

      Though after obtaining CEH, i need to have more homework and prepare myself only then would be able to try for penetration testing jobs, still there are more certifications and more homework needed for this which iam aware of it.

      Moreover TTC guy confused saying after taking Security+ certification and after gaining 2+yrs experience i can take up CEH…..Is it so….


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      I believe I understand what you are asking. As a newbie I have been researching trying to find out what I can do before I finish my degree to get a head start. In researching I have looked at a lot of certifications.
      That being said it is my understanding that anyone can attend the CEH boot. However if you would like to self-study and take the exam then EC requires you to have 2 years security XP. EC recommends that if you actually wish to get certified that you be Security+ certified first. It is not however to my knowledge required, I see a number of people CEH certed w/o Sec+. One of my friends only cert is CISSP.
      I hope that this answers your question and that I have not mispoken. I have not spoken to a EC rep, I have only looked online, but this is my understanding.

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      Hi Chuck,

      Thanks for your reply, I got your point and you answered what i queried exactly,
      Iam planning to setup lab myself at home and work for sometime and takeup bootcamp so i can question my clarifications which i worked out in home lab.


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