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      I am looking at studying for the CEH after completing Security+ in a couple of weeks.  Are there any self study books out that will give me sufficient info to pass the exam?  And are there going to be any books coming out that are dedicated to CEH v6 or will any 312-50 book do?

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      CEH Official Review Guide
      CEH Prep Guide
      CEH Exam Prep
      CEH Courseware

      There are no v6 specific books coming out that I’m aware of. The exam objectives cover the same modules in v5 and v6.


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      Thanks for the reply.  The official courseware is really pricey and out of my price range  🙁  Are the other books sufficient study?  I think I could probably pass the CISSP exam for less than the cost of that courseware!!

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      Yeah, they have increased the price since it was much cheaper than many other organizations. They are also trying to send more business to their distributors who are supposed to have lower prices. So you may want to check with the distributor in your area to see what the price of courseware is.

      I would suggest getting either the Exam Prep or the Prep Guide and also the Official Review Guide. The first two will help explain a lot of the concepts and get you going in the right hands-on direction (you’ll still have to spend plenty of time with the tools on your own). The review guide will prepare you by walking through the exam objectives. It maps very well to the material you will come across on the exam.


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      I agreed with BillV, the review guide actually maps to the exam objectives. in addition, try to get Pass4sure material for the software based exam questionaires, that would help you re-inforced your understanding as it maps closer to the exam questionaires. (*hint* – it really does!)

      Good luck in your quest.

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      Hi from Costa Rica  :), I am confused about self studying for the CEH cert exam. Is not posible right? because they say this:

      Only those who attend CEH training at EC-Council ATCs are eligible for CEH certification.


      A need to see the light here.


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      yes, you can opt for self-study, that way, will save you more on that. unless your company is willing to fork out the training fees for you. (if you never ask, you will never get. hehe)


      11. Can I purse self-study and attempt the exam instead of attending formal training?

      The answer is yes. You must show 2 years of work experience in security related field. You must also submit CEH exam eligibility application and obtain authorization from EC-Council before you can attempt the exam. Please visit http://www.eccouncil.org/takeexam.htm for more details.

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