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      Hey I’m going to attend college for industrial technology: specialization in networking and mean while in college. Aside form school work I will try to get my CCNA certification. And I was wondering if any of you out there have this certification and how much it has helped you out. How much money (if not too personal) you or they make what kind of job is it. stuff like that smile.gif thank for your help !

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      no certification will ever guarantee you a job or more money, but did the CCNA help me get my current job?  Short answer Yes!  I encourage ANYONE starting in IT to study for the CCNA as I know I learned more in the 6 months I spent studying for the exam as I did in most of my time in college  ;D(I know sad). Anyway if you want figures for my situation I went from making 13.50/hour to ~22. something aka 46k.  I also finished my BS at that point in time and joined a fortune 500 company’s college new hire program.  So my case is different than most but I think the CCNA will be a wonderful addition to you academic studies….if you need any help let us know!!

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      I would recommend the CCNA to anyone who works in systems or network administration. I had 10 years of system administration experience when I started studying for the CCNA, including a lot of Cisco experience. I was amazed at how much I DIDN’T know.

      I used the CCNA study guide by Todd Lammle and would highly recommend it. It was the only study source that I used, so I don’t know the quality of the other ones.

      I would also recommend putting together a “lab” of equipment. You can get many older pieces of cisco equipment on ebay, though I’d steer clear of pre-packaged ones as they tend to be overpriced. Do a little research, you only need a couple of routers and switches to really be able to experiment with the different technologies you’ll need hands-on experience with for the test.

      Having the networking experience and the CCNA did actually help a bit with getting my new job. I have 13 years of experience in systems, networks, and security so I don’t know what entry-level wages would be, but if you truly understand the knowledge required for the CCNA, practice in your lab, and don’t just study “to the test”, then you’ll stand out against other candidates.

      Good luck!

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