Causing interference to a cellphone via radio signal

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      Hi. I’m trying to find a solution to an issue my cellphone has. I’m not sure if this is the correct threat but I’ll ask anyway. My cellphone (other devices too that reproduce audio ex. mp3 player) pick up an audio signal being transmitted. I can hear it loud a clean in my earphones and it sounds like kids or young adults playing around with some radio device. I tried to block it with an “EMI Ferrite Core folding” cable clip. It supposed to block noise and interference but it did nothing. Still hear the voice being transmitted to my earphones loud and clear. Does anyone have knowledge regarding radio signal or any other related technology that can transmit audio to a device such an cellphone or an mp3 player? Sorry again if the question is not related to the forum’s subject but I’m sure it’s related to hacking in general.

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      Don Donzal

      You keep mentioning that you can hear it from the earphones. Is it wired or wireless? Bluetooth? Maybe that’s the direction to look.

      Or it’s a ghost, the CIA or aliens. 😉 jk


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